Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CRC scammers caught in another lie

You remember it, don't you... all the false claims from the CRC Scammers about what would happen if we didn't get the federal money by September 30?  How many times did they tell us that we'd have to wait at least a decade to get this bridge built, it weeding get the money by the end of September?
"CRC supporters had long said that the project would be set back at least a decade if Oregon and Washington lawmakers failed to commit money for the proposed bridge this year.  Now, project leaders have apparently backed away from that stance."
Folks, this isn't even a euphemism for a lie.

This is an out and out lie...Just one of many lies they tried to ram down our throats.

All of which, of course, begs the question: since they've lied about this… And so much else…What else are they lying about?

Other than the usual lies: how much it's going to cost, that we have to have light rail, that this is going to make any difference to congestion, or freight mobility, or reduce times for the commute, or do anything at all except strip $2000 a year plus from 65,000 commuters; destroying small business in Clark County that depends on that discretionary income.

A decade-long history of lies, of arrogance, of policy to ignore the people; the frantic efforts to keep this issue from ever going to the ballot box; of insults, of belittling, of wasting a 170 million of our dollars.

Yeah, I just feel giddy at the thought of wasting additional billions to the same hands, the same arrogant lying sons of bitches...The same CRC scammers.

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