Monday, September 09, 2013

Our clueless White House: send out the face of the Benghazi lies to convince us the Syrian scam is legit.

Although it's been a year since the Administration was complicit in the deaths of four Americans, including the Ambassador to Libya (Unindicted co-conspirators, perhaps?) we, as a people, have not forgotten the face of those lies, third in line behind our multiple Administration disgraces, Obama and Clinton.... one Susan Rice.

Rice slavishly stuck to the blatantly and obviously false line that the slaughter of our fellow Americans in Benghazi was essentially a random occurrence, by something akin to Brit soccer hooligans, set off by an amateurish 15 minute or so video, a lie repeatedly trumpeted by Rice on the weekend talking head shows, as well as repeated ad infinitum by Obama himself (He lies so... sincerely) and Clinton... who both KNEW those murders were a direct result of a planned terrorist attack but who were also all in campaign mode and afraid to admit it.

As the proven and main face of the Benghazi prevarications, it takes a genuinely stupid group of people to send one of the 3 biggest liars concerning Benghazi out to convince us that their lies about Syria are, in fact, true... when they're hamstrung by the reality that, even if they WERE true, it wouldn't justify a unilateral military response on our part... particularly given the many and varied ways that clown posse in the White House has screwed this all up.

It's rare to find this kind of idiocy in an Administration... a level of ignominy that makes me long for the bright shining light, comparatively speaking, that was the Carter Administration.  Who knew that another president would come along that would actually make, up to now, arguably the worst president this country has ever known look good.

Given his proven lies and incompetence, partisanship aside, I wouldn't let this moron run an elevator for me, let alone expand his efforts to cavalierly ignore the will of the people to go out and slaughter a few hundred or a few thousand human shields while wasting hundreds of millions of our dollars to make us the laughing stock.

Well, any more than he already has, that is.

Think of it in terms of Jim "Molehill" Moeller babbling about the CRC Scam.  Almost everything he utters is a lie.

Its the precise same thing... just a different scope.

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