Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Now what?

The President has shown a level of timidity, ineptitude and incompetence that makes many; myself included, long for the days of Jimmy Carter,.  As president, Carter set the standard of being the worst president of the last century... though, as bad as he was (And until now, he was arguably the worst) he came nowhere near the stain on the office that Barrack Obama represents.

While his Clintonian skill in getting elected cannot be denied, neither can his ineptitude in running both foreign and domestic policy into the ground.

Tonite’s speech accomplished nothing except to emphasize how badly outmaneuvered our resident amateur was by Vlad Putin and Assad, the guy running the show in Syria.

Predictably, Obama was out-thought, out-planned, out-strategized and now, already suffering, what’s left of American prestige on his watch took another major hit because of his incompetent buffoonery.

The Russian “deal” firmly cements Putin as the major player in the region outside Israel.  Obama painted himself into a corner (stupidly) and found out that he couldn’t even keep the support of his own party (stupidly) and then allowed himself to be hogtied into grasping at Putin’s straw. 

So now, one of the chief armorers of Syria offers a deal that guarantees nothing, punishes nothing, sends no message to anyone save how idiotic the Administration is and Obama is peeing his pants to take it so he can get out of this jam.

Meanwhile, this mess has had the desired effect to get people’s attention off the various scandals and the increasingly abysmal state of the economy… but the cost to Obama’s political capital is incalculable… likely crippling him as so many more people have discovered what those paying attention already knew:

This Emperor has no clothes.

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