Monday, September 09, 2013

Memo for Moeller on transportation.

During the duration of the CRC Scammer's efforts to fiscally rape the commuting public of SW Washingtion, few have lied more, exaggerated more, disdained the opposition more or showed anything close to the arrogance of this man.

He take positions that fit his agenda without reason or serious justification.  He demands "compromise" from his numerous opponents, but neither offers any himself nor acknowledges compromise when offered.

In short, he defines compromise only one way:

"Do it my way."

There's nothing he can now do to change his public persona. His self-proclaimed superiority and denigration of his opponents is as ingrained in the local political DNA as much as his militant homosexual hypocrisy.

So, today's op-ed where he calls for what he's referring to as "compromise" was a waste of time, effort and energy.

In demanding "compromise," he, per usual, offers precisely none.  He pro-offers the usual lies and demands; once again, that the massive opposition to his scam cave in and except it all.  He talks about who he claimed was involved in the CRC Scam for the past several years without, of course, once mentioning the most critical element of participation: the voter.

He refers to the select few, the privileged few: lies about "Thousands of concerned residents" being involved without acknowledging either that the "citizen involvement" was a sham, ignored and resulting in zero changes from the beginning by CRC policy.  He again ignores the reality of this project: that it was and is, start to finish, nothing more than a loot rail project, according to the Oregon Supreme Court.

The ego-maniac from the 49th tells us all this:
A Washington-wide transportation package that we should establish, having already made its way through the state House of Representatives, must ultimately go through the state Senate. Folks need to step up to the plate, to take their rightful seats at that elusive table, a very necessary table, called compromise. This is desperately important, and not simply just because so many of us in Southwest Washington want to move forward, once and for all, toward replacing the I-5 Bridge. For our whole state, embracing a new transportation package is a crucial strategy not only for the Columbia River Crossing but also for completing state Route 167 in Tacoma and the North/South freeway in Spokane.
This package, that Moeller calls "desperately important," is nothing but another sop to his many union masters.

Here's the thing: I guarantee you that if this package goes forward without the CRC Scam in it (The ONLY way it will get as far as a referendum clause) than this clown, who just told us that it's "desperately important" will oppose it and vote against it.

So, here's the deal, Jimmy: you want a package?

Then acknowledge and embrace Sen. King's conditions for the CRC to go forward... AND join with the GOP in requiring a referendum clause be attached to it.

The rest of your words here are just eyewash reeking in your lack-of-compromise hypocrisy.

Your judgment on any of these matters is not superior to mine or anyone elses.  While I can acknowledge that there are needed transportation projects, not a single one of them are so necessary that the voters should not be asked.

You made this particular bed, Mr. Moeller.  You've despised and denigrated those of us opposed to the CRC Scammer agenda for years.  You've lied, exaggerated, twisted the words of and chosen to ignore opponents, sniveling to the Oregonian that testimony opposing your scam "bored you to tears."

Not unlike your slimy op-ed in the democratian bored us to tears.

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