Friday, September 06, 2013

Baby as political accessory: Herrera Beutler tells her daughter's story on 'Today'

And, as it turns out, just about every other network foolish enough to have her.

Our congresswoman has been a phantom since she was, sadly, elected.

You'd think her caucus leadership would use her as the face of the new GOP.

Female, half hispanic (Thus the hyphenated name... there's really no other purpose but to remind us that her genetic inheritance is partially from Mexico) young(ish)... everything you'd think the GOP would want out there.


Why haven't they been using her on the national level?  Why isn't she a talking head?  Why isn't she the face of the new GOP?

Because those traits don't overcome "dumb as a plank" and "cowardice."

Those tenets of her tenure have been amply detailed and documented on this blog, so I won't replay them.  But added to that now is Jaime Herrera's insistence on using her child as some sort of political accessory... some sort of badge... some sort of excuse... and you see the view quite clearly from here.

Herrera has been completely out there on the situation with her baby.  The only thing missing was a live web cast of the birth, an option most likely considered and then rejected.

Like the Keystone Cops cast of "Jon and Kate Plus 8," she has used this child to, literally, gain hundreds of thousands if not millions (The Today Show appearance was primarily aimed at raising her profile as a sympathetic character... and nothing else) of dollars worth of earned media.

The only filter I have that matters is the "what would *I* do" filter.

This situation is tragic.  It's agonizing.  It's painful to even consider.

And it's none of our business.

It's a political feint, like Herrera's fake opposition to the CRC Scam.

It's to make people think she is something she's not.

Next thing you know, she'll give in to her true leftist roots and vote to support the Obamacare Scam that's crippling our country.

Many mothers and father undergo far greater tragedy and pain than this.  And no one hears anything about it.

In this case, if Herrera didn't have a title, you wouldn't be hearing about her, either.

I wish her baby the best.  Good luck to the family in every way.

But her overt use of this child for political gain, frankly, makes me sick.

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