Saturday, September 07, 2013

Psychopathic Lefty Lou and Glass Houses. When they hate you, they hate you. Volume MMMMIV

Lefty Lou Brancaccio hates just about anyone to the right of Mao.  And he certainly hates Sen. Don Benton and the first Republican majority on the county commission.

Lou Brancaccio's psychopathic hatred of Don Benton, a well-established fact, is just that: psychopathic.

Lefty's "leadership" managed to "lead" the democratian directly into bankruptcy.  For Brancaccio to even remotely pass judgment on someone elses experience and ability when he is arguably not qualified by experience or temperament (Psychotic isn't a good leadership trait) reeks of the lying hypocrisy he's known for.

Given that Brancaccio has been, according to my sources, ordered to make amends to many people who worked for him by his boss; that along with his dynamic, bankruptcy-resulting leadership of the democratian, he's hardly in a position to spew this:
OK, class, let's review. Benton appears to not have much of a skill set in anything. Despite what a few backers say, he doesn't get along well with people, he has little management experience, and his light bulb doesn't appear to be getting all the juice that's needed.
I really believe, Lefty, that you ought to pour gasoline over yourself and light it in the tradition of the Buddhists in Vietnam.  It might make you feel better.

As much as people ignored you and your efforts to engage in character assassination over Madore and Mielke (And face it, Lou, you WERE ignored) I get your feelings of inadequacy and how he's bested you... repeatedly.

I get that every time you drive by or over our Columbia River I-5 Bridge, still standing... still functional... still paid for... that your hatred for the two local targets of your illness grows.  I get all of that.

This constant yapping just serves to confirm your psychosis.  I get that you're pissed that Benton makes more than you do and you're so envious that you can't stand it.  I get that you're troubled because of our conservative majority on the commission.  I get that not even Viagra works for you since your CRC and ballpark scams were dropped in the river, and these 3 played a role in that. I get that life sucks for you.

I get that you write like the dems were paying you by the word, that you lie, excuse, prevaricate, obfuscate, and fail in just about every imaginable way when it comes to your slimy agenda.  I get all that.

And on July 10, 2010, you published this about... well... likely, me, although you didn't say this in the lead up to your hit pieces on me:

I guess becoming numb to the circumstances around us has its benefits.
(Like, to your constant whining and sniveling about Benton, Madore and Mielke, you mean?)

For example, let’s say you’re a blogger who trashes most everything in sight.
(Or, let's say you're an editor who trashes everyone wise enough to disagree with you.)  
After awhile, one gets used to all the yelling and shouting, and it sort of becomes ambient sound.
(Let me repeat what Lou wrote here:) "After awhile, one gets used to all the yelling and shouting, and it sort of becomes ambient sound."

You don't say?  Drink hypocrisy much?
It’s the crying wolf too often syndrome: If your modus operandi is to constantly bang the drum, it’s pretty easy — a benefit, if you will — to tune out the yelling. You get used to it.
Odd.  Then why are you doing the very... same... thing?

Amazing that you'd admit that you're no better than the rest of us... that you now do exactly the same thing we do.

Had a change of heart, did you?
Now, the story was completely accurate.
Like, "Never mind when bloggers are completely accurate."
Well, I guess you get numbed to stuff, and then you get used to it.
Kinda like your garbage against Benton, Madore and Mielke... right?
In some cases, getting used to stuff is a good thing. Being able to accept bad stuff is actually a defense mechanism your body employs to protect itself.
Like we're employing over you constant yammering about conservatives here locally, you mean?

But dooder, you need help.  Soon. This horse is so dead that to most, you've just become background noise... like crickets chirping late at night... like Obama telling us we NEED to bomb Syria as he's having his Lewinsky moment.

You are a sick man, Lefty.  Very sick. Up your dosage.  Get a hobby.  Get a life... and preferably somewhere else. 

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Lew Waters said...

Many label the “newspaper of record” locally as a “fishwrapper.”

I would recommend not wrapping any fish in the pages of the Lazy C.

You might not ever be able to get the smell out of the fish.