Monday, September 16, 2013

Another reason to get rid of Leave-it: Vancouver(43) bested by Camas(6), Battle Ground(15) Ridgefield(16) in Liveability: worst city listed for crime.

"We're 43rd!  We're 43rd!"

That can be the halcyon battle cry of the Leave-it campaign  as he burnishes his credentials of lies, arrogance and self-importance.

Show cities with population from 0 to 10,000,000
State Report
USA Report
Best Places to Live in WashingtonAreaVibes scores the livability of more than 20,000 cities and neighborhoods across America based on their overall Livability Score. More info
Rank City
Livability Score
Cost of Living
Crime Index
1Clyde Hill, WA86A+FA+BA+A+C
2Yarrow Point, WA84AFA+B+A+A+C
3Duvall, WA84ACA+B+AA+C
4Sammamish, WA84BFA+B+A+A+C
5Esperance, WA82A+DAB+BAC
6Camas, WA82AC+ABB+AC
7Kirkland, WA82A+DBB+B+A+C
8Lake Forest Park, WA82ADA+BAA+C
9Medina, WA82CFA+B+A+A+C
10Eastgate, WA81AD+ABB+AC
11Redmond, WA81A+DB+BB+A+C
12Richland, WA81A+C+B+BBB+C
13Issaquah, WA81A+DB+B+BA+C
14White Salmon, WA81B+A+A+CCB+C+
15Battle Ground, WA81A+ABC+BB+C+
16Ridgefield, WA81BBA+BBAC
17Bothell, WA81A+DB+BB+AC
18Hazel Dell North, WA81A+B+C+BC+B+C+
19Newcastle, WA81AFB+BAA+C
20Kingsgate, WA81A+D+B+BB+AC
21Montesano, WA81BA+AC+C+B+C
22Cathcart, WA81BDA+BB+A+C
23Fall City, WA81BD+A+BB+AC
24Inglewood-Finn Hill, WA80ADB+B+AA+C
25Bellevue, WA80A+DB+BB+A+C
26Edmonds, WA80A+D+BBBAC
27Northwest Snohomish, WA80AD+A+C+B+AC
28Salmon Creek, WA80ABC+BBAC+
29Colfax, WA80BA+A+BCBD+
30West Lake Stevens, WA80B+AC+BBAC
31College Place, WA80AAA+CCBC+
32Mercer Island, WA80CFA+BAA+C
33Normandy Park, WA80BDABB+A+C
34Millwood, WA80A+AAC+CBD+
35Enumclaw, WA80A+DABC+AC
36Tracyton, WA80ABB+BBB+D+
37Woodinville, WA80A+DBBB+A+C
38Dollar Corner, WA80FB+A+BBAC+
39Leavenworth, WA80ABABCB+C
40Town and Country, WA80AABBC+BD+
41Selah, WA80B+AB+C+C+B+C
42Minnehaha, WA80AAC+C+BB+C+
43Vancouver, WA79A+B+D+C+C+B+C+

Of course, what's of the most interest to me is that under his bright, shiny leadership, Vancouver scores... dead last in crime of any of the top 100 cities in the state.

Well done, OneTermTimmy!

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