Monday, September 16, 2013

Another example of unarmed slaughter zones.

What a strange time we're living in.

The most expert and experienced marksmen...  members of the military... are not allowed to be armed on their bases.

I wonder what the 13 dead at Ft. Hood think about that... and now the 12 dead at the Navy Yard think about that.

The very idea that these jihadist types can do more damage on our installations than they can in combat is way over the border of the bizarre.

The reason we don't allow our service members to be armed is simple: the leadership of the military does not trust the rank and file.

That's why the president and the SecDef require most troops to be unarmed around them, because they actually fear that one or more of those sworn to protect this country might use their weapons against them.

But here's the thing: if a military officer, NCO or enlisted member cannot be trusted to carry a sidearm, then they shouldn't be in the military: period.

Odd, isn't it?

You can command a nuclear carrier or submarine... but are required to be unarmed on post/base.  You can command nuclear missiles... and you are required to be unarmed on post/base.

Like our public schools, these kinds of targets are extremely attractive to those with a death-wish... and when you've got a death-wish, no background check can ferret you out.

At a minimum, every commissioned officer and NCO should be allowed to be... or required to be... armed on post.

And by the way, Mr. President, your bullshit about an investigation about this matter in the face of your multiple and abysmal failures over Benghazi just ring hollow.

If only you'd learn to keep your word.

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