Monday, September 16, 2013

What a massive, colassal, inexcusable waste of money: The Sup's personal shower.

So, we gonna see Lefty Lou go on a jihad against THIS clown?

Of course not.  He's likely a fellow democrat/leftist and this waste of money won't bother Lefty at all.

Vancouver schools pay $4K to install private shower for superintendent (with video)

Webb says it will help increase productivity time

Steve Webb
Superintendent, Vancouver Public Schools
Steve Webb Superintendent, Vancouver Public Schools

One of three private, family shower rooms used by the public at the James Parsley Community Center. Vancouver Public Schools spent $4,000 of district money to have a shower installed in the superintendent's bathroom over the summer.
The superintendent of Vancouver Public Schools had a shower installed in his office restroom over the summer at a cost of about $4,000 for labor and installation.
Steve Webb will use the shower to freshen up after a long day and before he heads to an evening meeting. The shower was paid for by the district's general fund/facilities construction budget.
With the installation of the shower, Webb is the only head of a public educational entity in Clark County with private shower facilities just outside his private office.
"For me, the installation of a small shower in the restroom adjacent to my office is about increased productivity time. The job of the superintendent often extends well beyond the regular business day," Webb wrote in an email Monday.
The shower enclosure is a 3-foot-by-3-foot prefabricated fiberglass corner unit that was installed in the existing semi-private bathroom of the superintendent's office, said Tom Hagley Jr., the district's chief of staff. The restroom is accessible from the main hallway in the administrative services center, as well as the superintendent's office, Hagley said.
Webb originally had requested a handheld shower nozzle and hose that could be attached to the sink faucet in the bathroom in the superintendent's office. The floor had a drain. But Todd Horenstein, the district's assistant superintendent for facilities, advised Webb that it would be more cost-effective to install a small shower enclosure due to the drywall surfaces in the restroom, Hagley said.
"If I can eliminate the need to drive 45 minutes to my home and back in preparation for work-related evening commitments, it's more time-efficient for me and more cost effective for the district," Webb wrote in his email.

There's no excuse for this, including this clown's lie that it  can "...eliminate the need to drive 45 minutes to my home and back in preparation for work-related evening commitments..." when, in fact, he COULD shower in the building next door.
So, Lefty Lou... you're so concerned about wasting our money... outside of wasting billions for the CRC Scam and millions on the Ballpark Scam... you going after THIS slimeball?
Of course you're not.  That's not how you roll.
But I've got to tell you, I almost wish I had a kid in the Vancouver Schools, but besides that being an academic fate worse than death, my kids are in college right now... otherwise, I'd make getting this idiot fired my life's work.
It would be a wise use of his own money if he'd just whip out a checkbook and pay for it from his own money and donate it to the district.  But anyone stupid enough to do this is likely too stupid to know how to extricate himself from this kind of box... one of his own making. 
After all, he can afford it at $222,411 in total compensation per year.
Gee, in it's own way, it's kinda like Being Obama-Syria-stupid. 
But he's not my problem.  And to those whose problem he is?
Good luck and you know what to do.

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