Monday, September 16, 2013

So, what's Brancaccio's hated red truck been up to lately?

Shortly before Lefty Lou Brancaccio got his own head handed to him for using his bully pulpit as his own, personal faux guillotine, he attempted, and subsequently failed, to trash me with his column because I used my vaunted diesel dually (While beating one of her opponents, Jon Russell, like a drum) as a parade vehicle in support on a candidate I support, now-Sen. Ann Rivers.

Well, this is what it was up to yesterday:

My wife and I have just finished our first year working with the Lewis River Mobile Food Bank... (Let me put in a plug for doing charitable work.  It's been some of the most fulfilling work I've ever done.)

...using that same truck.

Now, I get that Brancaccio would cheerfully blow me into atoms if he could find a way to do it.  For example, earlier this year, I did some volunteer work for the last Battle Ground Levy... free consulting... (which won, by the way...) and Brancaccio or his reporter minions were all over it.

They demanded to know who hired me... for what... how much I was being paid.  It was obviously going to be yet another, above-the-fold headline.

And, of course, when they found out I was working for FREE... well, that was hardly a story... was it?

Must not have been, since they didn't mention it.

Odd that Brancaccio works so much harder to "expose" me than he does slime like Jim Jacks.  But then, that's just how he rolls.

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