Monday, August 12, 2013

When the democratian hates you, they hate you: Hidle on Patella.

Erik Hidle hasn't been around the local version of the Pravda Izvestia for all that long... but he has shown his full blown desire to become a clone of Stephanie Rice.

CDR Larry Patella (USN-Ret) has fought battles longer then that little worm Hidle has been alive: first in service to his country (An unknown concept for scum like Hidle and Brancaccio) and then, in service to his community, again, an unknown concept to these slime.

Like thousands of others of us who live and work in this county, Patella intensely dislikes the Lazy C.  Their lies, exaggerations, failures, bias and all things connected with it have made the damage and divisiveness they've caused this community a thing of legends.

I frequently link to the community toilet paper as a way to point out how utterly worthless they are as a source of pure news, presented without the stench of the pro-leftist, big-government bias, all with just a touch of their hypocritical efforts to reduce THEIR tax burden while increasing OURS.

The hypocritical stances of this worthless turd are breathtaking in their depth and breadth.  Patella is a man of action.  Unlike the scum running the show at the rag, Patella fights for this community and speaks truth to power in a way they obviously do not like.

The latest effort at public assassination?  This sewage troweled out by Eric Hidle, a punk in the Stephanie Rice/Lefty Lou mold who isn't fit to work on a middle school paper, let alone a daily.

But then, that applies to a great many down their in Baghdad Bob's shop.

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