Monday, August 12, 2013

The only thing worse than Fake Cop Guard is Der Führer Guard.

So, Washougal screwed up retirement payments.  Given the complexity of the system, that sort of thing can happen... I get that.

What troubles me with Mayor Fake Cop Guard is when he slips into his Mayor Fake Brown Shirt Guard persona and throws crap like this around:
Council members Brent Boger and Jennifer McDaniel briefly raised the issue at recent council meetings, leading to testy exchanges with the city administration. At a July 22 meeting, Mayor Sean Guard criticized McDaniel for broaching the topic, saying she liked "to take digs at the administration."
Guard said the matter was something the city would address independent of city council. "We don't bring up payroll issues with council," he said.
In June, Guard sent an email to seasonal employee Charlie Dawson, who had requested information from council members about the situation. In his email, he wrote that she was to have no contact with council members.
"Council members are our legislative body for setting policy and ordinances," Guard wrote. "(They) are never to get involved in the inner workings of the operations of the city."
He said the city is handling the situation. It would be illegal for the city to pay the employees' contributions, so that's not a possibility, he added.
Haas, the parks employee, said the city is offering seasonal employees a repayment schedule to sign. He won't sign it, he said, even though he already lost his appeal with the city.
"I'm not signing anything," he said. "It's going to turn into a legal battle."
This isn't the Third Reich, Guard: tell me that I can't have contact of whatever kind I want with an elected official, and you're liable to get your lights punched out.

Actually, in a few months when your ass is kicked out of office for this kind of stupidity and Washougal switches governmental systems because of arrogance and stupidity like yours, it won't be your problem any more...


Anonymous said...

When you have no argument or don't understand an issue, just make a Hitler or Nazi reference. That will do it. Not. Still stuck in Middle School, I see. I would encourage all freeholder candidates to ignore your nonsense...your questions are so biased and pointless that the answers don't matter a bit.

Just a guy said...

When you have no guts or don't understand the reference, you come back here, anonymously, of course, with garbage like this, yet you rather stupidly continue to read this blog anyway.

What and who you would encourage to do anything is as worthless as you are.

That my questions are "biased" is undeniable: that the people have a right to know first, if these people are going to be responsive, even to those who may disagree with them and second, where they stand on these issues is the thing.

As always: you don't like what or how I write?

Then stop fucking reading it.

Simple, really... kinda like you.