Sunday, August 11, 2013

Emailing Freeholder candidates.

This is the email I am going to send to the Freeholder candidates with listed email addresses.

Not everyone will respond.  Those who don't should be remembered as candidates who are choosing not to communicate because they either fear, or despise, true information about who they are and what their agenda really is.

ALL of them SHOULD respond.

Those who do respond will have their responses placed here and in a new blog I'm putting up for the purpose: Clark County Freeholder Blogspot.

Here's the email:
Dear Freeholder Candidate:

My name is Kelly Hinton and I write on the Clark County Politics Blog.  The purpose of this questionaire is an effort to determine your vision for Clark County as a freeholder candidate.

Your responses will be posted, unedited, for all to read on the Clark County Freeholder Blog.  Please respond within the week.

Thank you for your interest in serving our community.
1.  What is your party affiliation.
2.  What is your position on the CRC: if opposed, provide evidence.

3.  What is your position on the Cowlitz Casino. if opposed, provide evidence.

4.  Do you support the ClarkForward effort?

5.  Do you believe in the right of the people to vote on the issues? 
6.  Do you support expanding the county commission from 3 to 5 commissioners?

7.  Do you support David Madore and Tom Mielke continuing as commissioners?
8.  What is the role of county government?
9.   Do you support electing commissioners county wide or from individual district votes?
10.   Do you support establishment of a county executive with executive powers currently held by the county commissioners?
Thanks for all your time. 
K.J. Hinton - Clark County Politics.

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Peter V said...

I think the only thing not in there is partisan or non-partisan.