Sunday, August 11, 2013

Freeholder questionaire development (3)

Some suggestions have come in that I have added:
1.  What is your party affiliation.

2.  What is your position on the CRC: if opposed, provide evidence.

3.  What is your position on the Cowlitz Casino. if opposed, provide evidence.

4.  Do you support the ClarkForward effort?

5.  Do you believe in the right of the people to vote on the issues? 
6.  Do you support expanding the county commission to 5?

7.  Do you support David Madore and Tom Mielke continuing as commissioners?
And an additional question:
8.  What is the role of county government?
And the last two:
9.   Do you support electing commissioners county wide or from individual district votes?
10.   Do you support establishment of a county executive with executive powers currently held by the county commissioners?
Thanks for all your suggestions!

I'll be sending them out Monday night.

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