Sunday, August 11, 2013

The democratians Naked Lie about the CRC Scam.

"It's time to move forward."

In a sense, that observation is right.  The problem is that "moving forward" does not include THIS project.

The need the democratian is babbling about will not be served by the CRC Scam: indebting us billions of dollars with decades of ever-increasing tolls to ram light rail down our throats is not a crying need.

"New proposal for CRC makes more sense than starting from scratch."

The problem here, of course, is that there's nothing "new" about this proposal: it's rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, which, as I recall was also done in by a poor design after it hit the iceberg... much like the CRC hit the iceberg of the state Senate.

There's been no offer at compromise by the Scammers.  No offer of a bridge without loot rail on it.  No offer of a bridge high enough to waste additional hundreds of millions on mitigation.  Before the House democrats killed the CRC Scam, the plan was loot rail and a bridge far too low with tolls.

That's the plan being offered now by the Scammers in Oregon, the business sell outs in Washington, the special interests who view this issue as their own, personal fiefdom where they make demands that will benefit them personally at our expense without our permission or, for that matter, even our involvement.

The CRC Scam, which is nothing but a light rail project cloaked in a bridge, has been a con from the very beginning.

The rag's claim: "The Interstate 5 bridge remains a blockade to progress and development and growth in this region — and that will continue to be the case until a suitable replacement has been constructed," is verifiably untrue.

Building this rip off, on the other hand, would result in the very thing this paper claims is the current situation: this cancer on our community, this economic black hole that would suck $4 billion or more in tolls out of this county's economy for the next 4 decades will cripple the local economy and the small businesses that depend on that disposable income for their very survival.

None of the CRC Scammers or the rag have discussed this black mark against this project:  What are the impacts on the families and the Mom and Pop businesses of this county.... besides the obvious, decade's long pain the $2000 plus toll wreckage will cost each commuting family for the next 40-plus years?

And the waste of another half-billion in mitigation?  The rag and the Scammers have no trouble at all with that.

The newest plan to rip Clark County off is no better than the last plan.  We do not want, we do not need, we cannot afford the loot rail project.  That horse is dead, and the Scammers, including the whack jobs at the Lazy C, may continue to beat the hell out of that dead horse... but the horse won't notice.

Without the approval of this state's senate, this project cannot be built, no matter who provides the money.  Oregon cannot shut down the I-5 on their whim.  They cannot ram loot rail down our throats without our approval.

The rag's continuing failure to acknowledge how "flawed" this project is.... in fact, it's flawed in just about every conceivable way a project CAN be "flawed," goes to the heart of the matter.

In no other arena have I EVER heard of ANYONE saying, "yeah, the plan is screwed up... but let's go ahead and do it anyway," as if some blind faith in an ultimately UNscrewed up outcome makes it worth the risk.

Apply that bizarre reasoning to plans to build a home, for example.  How many of the Scammers would go for that idea?

Well, it's easy to spend other people's money, and one of the biggest problems the democratian's had with the entirety of their dogged support of this scam is that THEY won't have to pay for it.

And as we've seen for decades now, the rag has no problem supporting the efforts to take money out of our wallets, as they fight and scratch for tax breaks that keep money in theirs.

And this:
Clark County Commissioners, meanwhile, last week approved a series of advisory votes — including several relating to a new bridge and/or light rail — to be placed on the ballot for the November general election. The idea of asking the public for input is commendable, and it is one The Columbian has supported in the past. But at this point, it comes across as nothing more than a stall tactic. The CRC plan has been more than a decade in the making; it is time to move the project forward, not to wallow in the notion that we need to rethink this.
First, this rag has NEVER supported giving the people a voice on this.  Why would they lie.... again?

Second, what these clowns are saying is this: we want that crap pile built no matter WHAT the people say.

A bad idea, a corrupt idea, a non-responsive idea could be a THOUSAND years in the making.... but that provides no justification for going through with it.

And on this last line, I actually have some level of agreement:
The time for action has arrived, and last week's proposal from local leaders is a reasonable place to start.
The time for action HAS arrived:

It's time for our Congresswoman to introduce legislation to kill this zit on the butt of our community.  She can do that in a variety of ways: set a minimum bridge height, strip light rail off the project, or just kill the funding.  But with a bridge contractor as her number one donor, how likely is that?

It's time for the despicable rag of a newspaper to put the will of the people ahead of their own agenda.

It's time to develop plans for additional bridges in other locations.

It's time to kill loot rail altogether.

Last week's "proposal" wasn't a "proposal."  It was a non-negotiable demand.  There's nothing there to negotiate.  There's a "do it our way, or else" approach.

Well, I would rather be in the "or else" column.  And the answer must continue to be "no."

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