Sunday, August 11, 2013

Greg Jayne Week 2.

Last week, I wrote my observations concerning the Babbling Pit Yorkie's replacement's first column.

That effort included this:
And we all know, for example, that you'll (You'll in this case, means the newspaper) be endorsing Tim "The Liar" Leave-it, the slimiest pol in the local area...; because yeah, he's lying scum, but he lies in the ways your paper likes. Also, for this election, no one who has opposed the CRC has... or will... received your newspaper's endorsement.

And that's the thing: DEEDs, not mere platitudes.  When your rag takes after Leave-it and Stuart the way you've taken after Madore and Mielke, then you'll be able to use that "hold accountable" stuff with a straight face.

But we both know that ain't gonna happen.

And how beholden to a position is that?

So, Greg, you have an opportunity.  You can be responsible for a partial renaissance for your newspaper, which would be completed with the departure of the scum you work for, Lefty Lou Brancaccio. You can swim against the leftist/pro CRC Scam current.  Will you?

Your slavish devotion to the idiocy of the Ballpark Scam cast that likelihood in doubt.  The moment you actually oppose a position of that moron you work for... in print... then we'll know.  Otherwise, you're just carrying his water like Gunga Din, and you're no good to the paper or this community by acting as that idiot's sock puppet.

Just sayin'. 
And then, a week later, Greg comes along with this... a first over the decade the rag's been wearing out kneepads in front of the PDX CRC loot rail scammers... an actual voice of disagreement: I have to wonder if Lefty Lou was aware of Greg's abhorrent position on his pet project.
Let's start with a disclaimer: No, I'm not obsessed with the CRC.
On the other hand, I don't create the news, I simply opine about it. And a new effort to revive the Columbia River Crossing offers an opportunity to provide a little insight. Into my column. Into my thoughts about this job. Into the difference between an opinion piece and the paper's editorials.
To start with, I am staunchly opposed to light rail. Now, before you pop the champagne corks — or write me off as a incompletely formed Neanderthal — let's talk about this.
First of all, I don't think light rail is cost-effective. You spend copious amounts of money to achieve transportation goals that could be carried out by buses for a fraction of the cost.
To be "...staunchly opposed to light rail" is to be "staunchly opposed" to the CRC, since those scamming it have drawn their line inn the sand of ramming that crap pile down our throats... that there is no bridge without that massive waste attached to it.

That said, I point out that unlike his predecessor and the clown he works for, this is the second week in a row where he didn't call anyone or any group of us, names.

Greg has earned another week of an open mind.  In the future, there are no doubt times that I'll disagree with Greg.  But as long as his positions are backed by truth... unlike that of the CRC Scammer's manifold lies, exaggerations, distortions  and outright and deliberate decision to keep the people of Clark County in the dark of the true reasons behind this scam... light rail and nothing but light rail... then he will have earned his place as a true voice untethered to the rag's agenda.

As the county's resident cynic and naysayer, I'm willing to give him that chance.

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