Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My sympathies to the people of Battle Ground: Closet fringe-leftist Dalesandro the luckiest man in politics.

With the announcement of Lisa Walther's resignation, the people of Battle Ground are stuck with a city councilman who has the maturity of a 14 year old and who is a closet-leftist of the old school.

Hopefully, the damage he'll cause can be mitigated.  While never a huge Lisa fan, there is no doubt that had she stayed in, she would have crushed Mikey.

Mikey has done all he can to moderate himself, knowing that in the conservative leaning Battle Ground electorate, an Obamacare-cheerleading, gun-grabbing leftist who is delusional about politics would have no chance, properly outed.

If there is any saving grace, it's that Dalesandro claims to be opposed to the CRC Scam.

Claims.  But given his other uber-leftist positions, that's not all that likely.

Time will tell.

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