Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Mike Briggs channels Jon Russell.

Briggs, who's a total hypocrite on the matter of civility, swings by this blog and in his own slimy little way, leaves a bag of turds on my porch, and then lighting it, runs away.

Russell, who was legendary for using fake names and fake Facebook pages along with a fake resume', now, fortunately, lives on the other side of the country, where he's attempting a political comeback, and where he had hoped to be running for the city council of the burg he's living in now.

The best-laid plans and all that rot.

Meanwhile, I have to admit that I was wrong about defending Briggs from Russell's attacks.  Has it turns out, Briggs is everything Russell said he was... and worse.

Now, I get that Briggs is a bit perturbed at me, because he ain't liking how I pound him like a drum when he frequently sticks both of his left feet into his fringe-left whack job mouth.  But I like the idea of staking this clown out early, much like I did Dalesandro, so no one will confuse either of them with a "moderate."

But who knew that Briggs was such a punk that he's stoop to this level, and not think that I wouldn't figure it out?

So, how do I know it's Briggs?

Easy.  The scumbag anonymous coward commented on fellow fringe-left nutter, soon-to-be-loser against Lisa Walters, Mike Dalesandro's FB page at roughly the same time he crapped on my blog:

Briggs, besides being a complete coward, could never claim to be the brightest bulb on the tree.  The silly-assed scumbag believed... without any proof, mind you, that the person in question was me.

It wasn't.  Homey don't play that.

He left this on the loser's facebook page:

And then he dropped this crap off on my blog:
What's the matter, moron? Afraid to use your own name on Mike Dalesandro'a FB page, Sally? Or, like a growing majority of us, has he hidden your profile? Coward. on UPDATED (7): My "do not elect" list.
For a scumbag like Briggs to come by MY blog and leave an ANONYMOUS shit pile like this and call ME a "coward?"

I look forward to seeing that little asshole again, so we can compare notes.

Fortunately, the triangulation reveals his specific IP address.  I'll have to see what I can do with it, now that I know who the ripe little coward is behind it all.  Equally fortunate was that I have kept every one of his cowardly little comments.

Visitor Analysis & System Spec
Referring URL:
(No referring link)
Host Name:static-50-53-172-216.bvtn.or.frontiernet.netBrowser/OS:Android/Android
IP Address: — [Label IP Address]Mobile Device:Motorola DROID BIONIC
Location:Camas, Washington, United StatesResolution:960x540
Returning Visits:18Javascript:Enabled
Visit Length:Multiple visits spread over more than one dayISP:Frontier Communications

And, by the way, fuckstick, you're on drugs if you think you can keep me from seeing your garbage. The screen grab above should prove that.

So, from now on, EVERY time you leave ANYTHING here, it's GOING to be published and tied DIRECTLY to you.

God.... I can't WAIT for you to show additional stupidity and run for office.  ANY office.  Because when you do, *I* am GOING to be there.

And you are DEFINITELY not going to like that.

Meanwhile, by all means, Mikey, come on by.  Just leave that rank hypocrisy you spew about your fake "civility" at the fricking door, you rank hypocrite.

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