Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Wow. A herd of freeholder candidates. (72) Questionnaire development.

As of this post time, 72 hardy souls have signed up to get into the water of politics.

Some of the positions have 8 candidates.  Some are working very hard to split the vote so the other side will win (Right, Justin?)

It's difficult to comb through so many candidates... so I'm going to be developing a short list of questions that I will be sending to every email address listed.

I will give them all one week to respond; many, of course, will not, but since each and every candidate is acting in a representative capacity, they should.

At the end of a week, those who do not answer will go on the "do not elect" list.

I've been asked if I'm going to put an endorsement list together... and I'm thinking about that and leaning toward it.

The preliminary questionnaire:

1.  What is your party affiliation.

2.  What is your position on the CRC: if opposed, provide evidence.

3.  What is your position on the Cowlitz Casino. if opposed, provide evidence.

4.  Do you support the ClarkForward effort?

5.  Do you believe in the right of the people to vote on the issues?

I'm always looking for suggestions, but this appears to be a relatively good start.


Jacob said...

Hey, Just wondering since you asked me most of the questions questionaire on my campaign page (all but the casino one),am I good to go or should I answer the casino question which would complete the questionaire?

Just a guy said...

it would.