Thursday, February 07, 2013

Stuart blows it again.

So, the Commissioners are going to pass a resolution against the CRC scam.  Well done.

Stuart throws a hissy fit, and babbles:
All three Clark County commissioners hold a seat on the nine-member C-Tran board. But any statement the county makes alone won't have an effect on the CRC, Stuart said.
"The county commission has no legal authority over this interstate project. Period," Stuart said.
How long have we been hearing that local officials have no say?

Long enough to question yesterday's idiocy from Tim "The Liar" Leave-it?

Strange, isn't it?  The democratian and their allies, like Stuart and Leave-it, keep telling us there's nothing that can be done at the local level... it's all out of their hands, the commissioners, for example, have no say.

So, what does Leave-it do?  You know, one of the guys that allegedly "have no say?"

And why is Stuart so upset about this if, in fact, it's as meaningless as they would like us to believe?

Here's the thing:  Stuart, obviously, will be a "no."  But all of that begs the question: if this resolution will have no impact... then why are the CRC scammers like Stuart so upset about it?

Why do they want to stall it?

Stuart whines:
Commissioner Steve Stuart said he learned of the resolution this morning only after Madore's request by email -- and Mielke's agreement by phone -- and believes the public should have been involved in the process.
"I'll keep fighting to make sure open and transparent government is more than just a talking point," Stuart said.
Did we not have an "open and transparent" election last November?

Did the two most strident opponents in government win by large margins?

Did the commissioner objecting the longest and loudest get 21,000 more votes then the now former commissioner who was so loudly in favor of this scam... not unlike Stuart, come to think of it?

The people HAVE spoken through a VERY "transparent process."  CRC scammers like Stuart and Leave-it just don't want to listen.

Stuart wants a large room full of his buddies... the unions, the CRUDEC/Identity Vancouver/Downtown Mafia types to come in and lie while he continues to ignore the FACTS behind his perfidy: that, according to the Oregon Supreme Court and the CRC itself, this whole scam is for loot rail and they had no intention of ever listening to the people.

Well, guess what?

That blithering idiot in the White House was right when he said that elections have consequences.  And they do.

But they also have consequences down here: and down here, Steve, your side of this rip off is getting hammered like a nail.

I have no problem with Commissioners Mielke and Madore passing this, and doing it now.  Stuart would waste everyone's time and turn this into a Nazi-like show-trial, where his side could stand up and beat their breasts and whine and moan and complain while they CONTINUE to ignore us, CONTINUE to ignore the facts and CONTINUE to lie.

And Commissioner Stuart, if you don't like it, then vote "no."  In fact, I would ASK you to vote "no," because if you're still here two years from now, this is the kind of vote you'll be hearing a lot about as you are dismissed from office the same way Boldt was.

Meanwhile, if, in fact, as Stuart says, the commissioner's have "no legal authority" in this matter.... then why does he care WHAT they do?  Why doesn't he say something like "sure, go ahead.... won't matter anyway, but hey, if that's what they want to do...."

Because we all know it DOES matter.  It sends another message to Washington, DC, and it might actually force that simple idiot in Congress to actually DO something to spike this thing instead of just doing her nails.  But Stuart's complaint's tend to cast doubt on the idea that this is meaningless.

Just sayin'.

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