Friday, February 08, 2013

The arrogance of the left on Benton's effort to enshrine the 2/3rds requirement in our state Constitution.

One of Senator Don Benton's efforts this session is to pass legislation leading to the amending of our state constitution to require a 2/3rds vote of the legislature to pass tax increases.

The fringe left (Hell, the regular left that's lubricated on socialist tenets to fund their myriad of wasteful spending) hates the very idea.

Their problem?
Washington citizens have successfully passed five initiatives requiring a two-thirds majority to raise taxes over the past 20 years, said Jason Mercier, director of the Washington Policy Center, a conservative think tank. Each of the past initiatives have been struck down by the state Supreme Court or dismantled by the Legislature, said Mercier, who testified in favor of Benton's bill.
Their next problem?

The voters passed this last year with a 64% yes vote.

As usual, the democrats ignore the will of the people.  Hell, simpering idiots like Rep,. Jim Moeller (Communist - 49) even have gone so far as to SUE his OWN CONSTITUENTS... who had the temerity to vote FOR I-1185 winning in EVERY precinct of his district (according to the Columbian's precinct map) but this concept is somehow "bad."

Clearly, the people are getting fed up with unrestrained spending.  Unrestrained spending equates to unrestrained taxing, and we already know that the same fringe-left nutters opposed to I-1185 and Sen. Benton's efforts have tried to implement a camel's nose under the tent flap approach to scamming us with a state income tax... only to fail... again.

So, instead of grasping what the people are trying to tell these clowns, we get this:
"It allows essentially 17 legislators to block something from moving forward," said Nick Federici, speaking on behalf of the Our Economic Future Coalition. "A two-thirds majority delegates power to a minority. … A two-thirds majority (requirement) makes it virtually impossible to use revenue as a tool to solve problems."
Yeah?  And?  That the people WANT it that way mean anything to you?

Allow this to go to the voters.  Make your "OMG, we have to jack taxes to 'solve problems'" pitch.

See what it gets you.

Well done, Sen. Benton.

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