Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Tim "The Liar" Leave-it pre-campaign positioning: remember when the scum at the Lazy C told us that there was nothing commissioners could do about the CRC?

We all remember what a total, complete, lying scumbag Tim "The Liar" Leave-it has been and continues to be.

There's one reason and one reason only this weasel was elected to mayor: he lied about his position on the CRC.  He is Mayor Fraud.

Fast forward to last year's election.

How many times and in how many ways did the local embarrassment of a daily waste of pulp lie to us by trying to convince us the issue of the CRC rip off was completely out of local hands, in their abortive effort to get Boldt (a proven rabid Columbian water carrier and CRC shill) and Tanner elected while working to get equally rabid CRC opponents Mielke out of office and to keep David Madore out of the commission's offices?

Now, because Leave-it is the democratian's butt-boy, full-time image rehab is the order of the day for this horrific rag and this punk.

You'll note there's mention of that sort of thing in Rice's kneepad job for Mayor Fraud.

So now, along comes The Liar with his bizarre pronouncement:

Leavitt urges tolling relief for some drivers

New I-5 bridge should include 'maximum consideration' for commuters

Tim Leavitt, at left, is mayor of Vancouver.
Tim Leavitt, at left, is mayor of Vancouver.

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt on Tuesday sent a letter to state transportation officials, asking them to consider tolling relief for certain categories of drivers.

The problem here for The Liar is, well, just that: he's a liar.

The slimerag known as the democratian makes no mention of Leave-it's up-coming campaign announcement, no mention of his past lies, no mention of the fraud that was his last election.

What's the matter, Stephanie... no paper trail?

The only presence in our community slimier than Leave-it's is the Columbian and the hacks reporting for it.

No mention this time that these decisions are out of local official's hands, that it's a done deal and that there's nothing Leave-it can do about it.

This is pure, political posturing.  It's the kind of despicable behavior our local megalomaniacal version of (and endorser of) Obama displays all too frequently.  It's a lie in a series of lies.

And the rag will support this stain on democracy's re-election because as utterly harmful and worthless as he's been... he's now their guy on that crime known as the CRC.


Anonymous said...

Hey kelly... You remember this story:

And Eric says through the article they will explore EVERY avenue possible to get the Pearson Air Museum back into shape? IN its original way...

Yeah, Leavitt is a liar If you ever hear him say that again, remind him of that link. And ANY link related to the Officers Row work they have done for near two decades.... That they can't influence national or state elections. And why the hell are they paying for lobbyists at that level?

Point that out as well... I smell Hypocrite....!

Anonymous said...

He trying to hop on Ann Rivers' coat tails? She's already done this.....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, that might be possible. But Ann has some thing he doesn't. It is called Integrity... -- Jeremy