Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paging Steve Stuart: your arrogance is showing.

Look, I get that you didn't make the cut for the Inslee Administration.   But when it comes right down to it, when, how or why another Commissioners says or does not say anything is really none of your business... is it?

Let me help you with it: you're a "no" vote.  We all, already, know you're a "no vote."  That's your job until November of next year when you are removed from office like Marc Boldt.

When Commissioner Madore decides to speak, and to who and in front of who is really none of your business.

Just like, for example, the reverse.

What would your response be to Madore calling you out for your cowardice on the County Anti-CRC Resolution? 

Yeah.  You were "sick."  So?  Were you dead?  Were you hospitalized?  Face it: you weren't there because you didn't want to be there.

Madore, of course, is too "nice" to call you out... to treat you, in fact, the way you are now treating him.

That failure on his part is a mistake that he will have to correct in the future when you're "sick" to avoid controversial issues that you think might impact another campaign. Experience will teach him unfortunately painful lessons about how vicious this arena is... and what you have to do to survive... particularly against those who come across like bullies.

 That you fellow fringe-leftists don't understand the reality of this situation is of no consequence or concern.

Elections, we've been told by that moron in the White House, have con sequences.  And the consequence of your guy losing is that you don't get to be a petulant jerk.

When this goes to a hearing, and it will, you and all of your buddies can complain all you like before you're outvoted.

And then?

You'll be outvoted... just like you will be for the next 2 years minus... just like you cheerfully and typically did to Tom Mielke.

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