Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vancouver Chamber of Horrors gets it right between the eyes on the CRC scam.

As the lies become clearer, more and more people are taking notice that the CRC IS a scam... a lie... a theft of time, effort, energy and MASSES of money...

Giving credit where due, the local democratian sucked it up and actually printed this.

The local downtown mafia has been lying for years about the support of this scam.  Now, the truth has come out, and the Chamber of Horrors?  They continue to lie:
But at least one chamber official said her group sees no point in state lawmakers stalling for time on the project proposed to relieve a regional chokepoint for thousands of Interstate 5 commuters and freight traffic hauling some $40 billion in goods annually.
"The point of view the chamber has taken since 2008, long term, is if we stop now and kill the bridge, we've not really answered our problem or found the solution," said Kelly Parker, the chamber's executive director. "We've just kicked the can further down the road."
The self-evident idiocy of Parker's babble is that the CRC/TriMet bail out plan, which enriches a few special interests at the expense of hundreds of thousands of us... all without asking, of course, is that the scam Parker is babbling about doesn't "answer our problem" or SOLVE ANYTHING.


Again, props  to the Columbian for printing this.  Now, if they'd only get around to doing a story on the Oregon Supreme Court decision that lays out the lies in detail....

Some downtown Vancouver merchants: Stop CRC

At least 50 sign letter to lawmakers; their worries include light rail, timeline

A group of downtown Vancouver business owners has launched its own opposition to the Columbia River Crossing in a letter that asks lawmakers from both sides of the waterway to deny project funding.
The undated letter, signed by representatives of more than 50 downtown businesses and accompanied by the website, contains a list of 10 reasons signers want funding declined for the $3.5 billion project to replace the Interstate 5 Bridge.
The first listed reason is that the project, which calls for rebuilding freeway interchanges on both sides of the Columbia River and extending light rail to Clark College, "has a poor track record" of dragging out for years and going over budget.
The proposed project's drawn-out history makes some business owners feel vulnerable to customer accessibility issues that could hurt their sales during a lengthy construction project, said Tim Erickson, owner of Block & Olson Glass, which makes glass repairs at 205 E. 15th St.
So far, CRC project leaders have been unable to provide more than a vague timeline for the project's start because they must first get state and federal funding in place, starting with whatever each state contributes. Project leaders have said they also will rely on tolling as a third source of funding.
Other downtown merchants who signed the petition foresee their businesses losing parking to the project's proposed light-rail route, planned to circulate through the downtown core via Washington and Broadway streets and head east to Clark College on East 17th Street.
"My shop is within a half block of the light rail," Erickson said. "I'm extremely worried about business."
Although the letter and its signatures were sent to legislators in both states, it was timed primarily to coincide with a public hearing in Oregon, said Mark Dodd, a Vancouver resident and political activist who is against the CRC project. He said some members of the StopCRC group attended the hearing in Oregon. Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, recently informed a Clark County business delegation about the letter and is generally spreading the word about downtown business opponents of the CRC. Benton is vice chairman of the Senate transportation committee.

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