Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Congratulations and thanks to Commissioners Mielke and Madore for their formal opposition to the crimes of the CRC. Expect Vancouver to do one of support.

As expected, the leftist whack jobs and unions are losing their collective mind over the now, long-justified resolution of opposition to the criminal rip-off of the CRC.

That the people of this county DO NOT WANT this steaming pile of lies has been long-known and ignored by those in power... until now.

Now.... there's no question.

The leftist scum... the downtown mafia/CRUDEC/Chamber of Horrors/Identity Vancouver scum who've been shilling this now know... for certain... that the PEOPLE... DO NOT WANT THIS STEAMING PILE.

As expected, the fringe left nutters who want to ram this crap down our throats are furious... although if, as they've told us all repeatedly, this is a meaningless gesture... it's difficult to understand their wasted anger.

If it's meaningless, why would the scum making those comments be so upset?

Resistance, you see, is futile... we... they wrongly believed... would be assimilated.

Because of Tim "The Liar" Leave-it, we can expect the sleazeballs of the Taliban City Council of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Vancouver to do one of support.

The whack jobs of the daily democrat will naturally come unhinged.  But then, that's how they roll.

Here's a sampling of the sheer stupidity and idiocy of the whack jobs commenting:

  • Jim Moeller ·  Top Commenter
    Penny: Transit and light-rail is our urban future. I doubt that the current vancouverite who uses the express bus service to downtown Portland consider themselves "undesireables". BTW, It's light-rail, not a trolley. If you don't want to use it (light-rail) you are not requred to. Additionally, since a user fee (tolls) will be the local share, you need not even pay a toll for the bridge unless you use it.
 Of course, a fringe-left scumbag like Moeller who doesn't give a rat's ass over the will of the people would say something like this: the entire point of this rip off is to get loot rail into Clark County at any cost no matter what we want.

His idiotic recitation of the same garbage, over and over and over again, as if any of those lies justify this garbage shows he's unfit for elective office.

The terns of thousands who have to pay this extortion means tens of millions sucked out of our local economy that this scumbag NEVER talks about and the damaging impacts of that effort never come to his attention.

  • Greg Owens ·  Top Commenter · Camas, Washington
    "he majority of speakers appeared to oppose the county's resolution" and yet, "Both commissioners said they believe the majority of the county remains opposed to the project". Go figure. Way to listen, Commissioners.

    How many jobs have been created since Madore took office? Oh yeah, none. What happened to the floodgates, Madore?

Owens hatred of Mielke is legendary, since Tom was instrumental in killing this idiot's dream of ripping off 400,000 residents of this county to pay for HIS Ballpark scam.  Although his rabid support of Marc Boldt, who drove a dagger through his fantasy is somewhat more puzzling.

Dominic Ramunno-Johnson ·  Top Commenter · Wsu vancouver
So you would rather blow millions on a bridge for people that live by 192nd!?! what a waste of money! Why should people pay for such a few amount of cars that would cross. I-5 is a major shipping channel, 192nd would not be. My complaint about this CRC is that the rest of WA state expects us to build it and pay for it even though they benefit from the shipping lane. The whole state of WA and OR should have to pay for CRC as well as more federal dollars. Billions of dollars worth of merchandise travels up and down the 1-5 corridor every year, everyone in USA benefits from i-5 corridor.
Uh, not really.  But building a bridge to the WEST of I-5 to get people to Hillsboro, for example, is a self-evident solution to the idiocy you so rabidly support.

Those so blinded by this that they can't grasp that a replacement bridge would accomplish NONE of this PLUS putting us billions in debt with lifelong tolls are really too stupid to be let out without a keeper.

In Thom's world, "will of the people" is a trite, meaningless phrase that leftists hate when that will conflicts with theirs.

And Bowman's idiotic response?

  • Rory Bowman ·  Top Commenter · Reed
    I don't think Madore's hand was up Meilke's back, exactly.

It's kind of like Bowman's head being up his ass, exactly.

  • Jim Moeller ·  Top Commenter
    Mark: Thanks for sending this along. However, Mr. Delong is simply wrong on all acccounts here. Trying to apply these "myths" to the CRC only prepetuates additional myths. Light-rail creates not only the associated construction jobs, but with the re-deveopment creates long-term jobs into the future. Light-rail is HCT. To say it's not is simply not reality. Bus corridors are only as open as traffic is. Light-rail is a dedicated corridor. Some will (and some will not) opt for light-rail with certian activities that are currently not available to them. Light-rail is cost effective in this setting. Joining 56 miles of built and functioning light-rail system in Portland is the cost effective solution for Vancouver at this time. Light-rail is initally more expensive to build, but in the long-run is cheaper to maintain than BRT. All people benefit from transit options - not just the poor. Transit is becoming the transportation option of choice for commuters.
Moeller, of course, continues to lie with every word.

That's what he does and who he is.

  • Scott Lander · On-Air Poodle at Alpha Broadcasting
    "The County" does NOT object. Our county commissioners object. I believe that most of us agree that this crossing is needed and HAS been needed for the better part of two decades. Unfortunately, in it's planning stages, the CRC has been a practice in buffoonery.
Then this mutt jumps in, lying with the rest of them.

  • Bill Schmidt ·  Top Commenter · Washington State University
    They listened only to those that scream loudest. The minority of the total population. This is an idiotic decision. This project affects the entire region, not just the Republican commissioners in Clark County and their political posturing.
 I dunno, Bill.  I can only thank God you got your ass kicked in the election, because you rather stupidly screamed pretty loud and they ignored YOU.

  • Tiffany Lathrop ·  Top Commenter
    Purely symbolic, and amounts to nothing more than whining from two tea party adherents.

Yet the issue remains unresolved:  Why are you scum so upset about this if it's "purely symbolic?"

  • Jim Moeller ·  Top Commenter
    "No light-rail, no project". The 3rd bridge idea has already been explored and rejected. Continually revisiting these decisions is only damaging to the project.
More lies from an elected official.

NO OTHER "IDEA" was EVER "explored," slimeball.

  • Bill Schmidt ·  Top Commenter · Washington State University
    Just where would a third bridge go that didn't take public money to build and take lands from others who own that land??? What freeways would be built to lead to and from that bridge? Just what people are complaining the CRC would do.

Anywhere to the west and north.

Thanks for asking, moron.

And, of course, a bridge not going into downtown Vancouver would not have the hated and unneeded loot rail on it, so it's all wins, all around.

And more psychotic, irrelevant rambling from this clown.

Mike Dalesandro ·  Top Commenter · Battle Ground, Washington
Unfortunately, until there is a county-wide yes or no vote on the proposed CRC project, we won't ever know if a majority of the citizens in Clark County approve or disprove this project in it's current form.
Untrue, of course: we HAD a "county wide vote."  It was called an ELECTION.  And there were two commissioners up for re-election, and the one who supported this rip off was clobbered, while the one who opposed this theft/extortion received 21,000 more votes.

Now, for those stupidly supporting this nonsense, they're choosing to make that outcome meaningless.

The rest of the world knows better.

There are others and their will be more.

Of course, the way to kill this thing altogether is to do a county-wide vote on it, up or down.  But scum like Moeller and Leave-it oppose that sort of thing because, after all, you can't allow the people to actually have any SAY, can you?

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