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$3.4-billion bridge project so far fails to clear opposition, political wrangling

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By Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog
SALEM — Washington and Oregon would pay as much as $450 million apiece for a massive bridge and light rail project connecting Portland, Ore., to Vancouver, Wash.
The $3.4 billion bridge project, however, is cluttered with opposition piled on top of support underneath a heap of political deals and disagreements, all at a time when the states are struggling with burdensome debt loads.
It’s a veritable quagmire of controversy, but the respective state governments are pushing forward, nevertheless.
Expect a border war.
Also known as the Columbia River Crossing, the bridge would replace the Interstate 5 bridge, improve interchanges and extend light rail service 2.9 miles from Portland to Vancouver.
Washington state
Sen. Ann Rivers

Opponents and proponents of the project flooded the Oregon Capitol on Monday for a nearly five-hour public meeting, a foreshadowing of events surely to come.

Washington state Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, said the political landscape in Washington is more “restrictive” than Oregon, and that the uphill fight might be even steeper there.

Many, many more are getting the picture: we don't want this: we don't need this: we can't afford this.

And we're not going to have it. 

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