Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tim Sheldon's wife bitch-slaps Comrade Pelz.

Having permanently put the lie to bed that democrats don't sanction those deemed "disloyal," Linda Sheldon, wife of Sen. Tim Sheldon (D-35) fired back at the communist running the state democrats: Comrade Dwight Pelz.
Dear Dwight,
Thank you for your kind personal letter trashing my husband. I thought it merited a reply.
First of all, his name is Tim SHELDON, not SHELTON (or was that a Freudian slip?) He has served in the Legislature for 22 years, and you would think by now you would know his name. Maybe that's what he means by the Democrats in Olympia being "Seattle-centric." If you can't remember the rural legislators' names, how could you POSSIBLY remember their constituents' issues?
Apparently you think you and your party (which also happens to be MY party) were betrayed. Well now, let's see - last year the Democrats controlled BOTH chambers, and couldn't squeeze out a budget in 2 special sessions, costing our already financially destitute state a tidy little sum of bucks -- until several Democrats (Tim included) got tired of sitting on their asses doing nothing at the taxpayers' expense, while a handful of party hacks spit at one another behind closed doors and came up empty-handed. So they WENT ROGUE (ie, reached across the aisle to get a compromise). Public sentiment, if you will recall, was behind them, and you guys wearing the big party hats looked pretty damn foolish. And the State got a budget before a third special session had to be called. Now, if that's BETRAYAL of the public (excuse me - I meant PARTY), then I'll wear a TRAITOR t-shirt anytime!
I'm sorry you feel you wasted a big $25,000 on Rodney. And we will really miss your usual donation ($0.00) to Tim's campaigns. But then, I understand that you feel you must take your ball and go home.
If you are so distressed about the legislation coming down the tracks under the Majority Coalition rule, I suggest you put on your big boy panties, admit you were politically bested and learn to WORK with the new coalition to get compromises you can live with. Otherwise, it's completely their game. Fight it, stamp your feet, call names, dig in and you will lose big-time. As a Democrat, that would not make me happy.
I'm not sure exactly how you plan to censure Tim and Rodney - maybe duct tape? And YOU have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to say THEY have no right to call themselves Democrats. My dog could be a Democrat - there is no application, sign-up, litmus test, educational requirement, membership fee, vetting process, inquisition. You either BELIEVE you are, according to your principles, or you don't. Waving your Magic D Wand will not banish them from the club.
When you denigrate Tim and Rodney, you denigrate the beliefs of all those who voted for them, support them and consider themselves Democrats. Do you really want to tell all those D voters they can take a hike? That's going to piss off a lot of people… including ME, a lifelong liberal who just happens to be able to see the BIG PICTURE when you can't.
Where can I get a TRAITOR t-shirt?
Linda Honan Sheldon
There's much more in the article here:

But the fact is that the fringe-left nutters don't like it when their best-laid plans go awry.

Who does?


Martin Hash said...

Oh, yeah... That's good shit there.

Anonymous said...

And now guess what? A crab feed in the "we must get rid of Rodney Tom..."

-- jeremy

pinbalwyz said...

Tim is an astute experienced politician who masterfully cajoles his constituents while obscuring his record. While a wife's passionate defense of her spouse is understandable, Tim actually comes off better without it. The guy has made a successful career of setting up straw men like standing up to the party bosses for his constituents. Voters have also repeatedly indicated they don't care if he wears 2 hats (County Commissioner and State Senator). What they DO care about never gets sufficient press to matter at the polls: Corporate shill, Patron Saint to Biomassacre industrialists, Champion of cronyism and corruption via funneling (lawfully, unfortunately) public money to buds (such as the EDC) for service contracts w/o a bidding process, no oversight or accountability for such largess at taxpayer expense, judicial sanctions costing County taxpayers millions for multiple sins like failure to bargain in good faith, age discrimination, failure to bid out essential County services like garbage collection, squelching the Renaissance Faire project in Mason Co. for (the real reason) failing to 'feed the kitty' (EDC) in developing 240 acres as an event center near Belfair, special property tax consideration for real estate held by him and his family trust beyond what the law allows for in commercial timber designation, stonewalling his constituents while the pleaded for protection for industrial polluters such as Adage, refusing to allow citizens to have an advisory vote on the ballot regarding the biomassacre issue even though one of their numbers offered to pay any cost for it, thereby rendering it revenue neutral for the count. I could go on, but what Tim has become is an elected official more interested in what he can do for Tim than his constituents. What's most galling is he alloys his fiction of championing his constituents' interests independently with the base metal of hypocrisy. Photos of him literally sneering at local constituents from his seat as County Commissioner along with quotes indicating "it wouldn't matter" how many signatures residents gathered on a petition to him can be found on his wife's 'loyalty' notwithstanding.