Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Need another reason to be thankful that a raving, fringe-left lunatic like Jim Gizzi wasn't elected?

You ever notice that when those in office stick to the leftist agenda, the fringe-nutters like Jim Gizzi call that "leadership?"

Like here:

  • Jim Gizzi · Battle Ground, Washington
    Thank the senators for not having the foresight, the courage and the fortitude necessary to allow our part of this region to take advantage of a fully developed mass transit system. Thank them for giving us no future flexibility when it comes to transportation across that bridge. Thank them for using misleading information to argue against the light rail portion, the tolls and the entire project itself. We are afraid to invest in ourselves, at least we can thank Ann and Don for not leading us but for keeping us mired in the present.
See, in the bizarro zone of the leftist, when you vote for their agenda, even if the overwhelming majority of the people oppose it, well, that's called "leadership."

The rest of the world would call it arrogance.  The rest of the world would question the very basis for democracy where, as a matter of policy, whack jobs like Gizzi demand that those elected to office do what THEY want because THEIR judgment is the only one that matters... and not the will of the people.

That kind of garbage is frightening.  As a result, I will not do all I can to make sure that Gizzi doesn't get elected dog catcher.

I can abide a democrat representing me somewhere, although that's not a problem I currently have.

But I cannot and will not abide an elected democrat who's view is so Stalinesque, because we are too stupid to share that view.


I'm going to remember this, Gizzi... and if you ever run for anything again, I'm going to work for and finance whoever is running against you.

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