Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Confusing motion with action: The idiocy of the president.

We truly have the government we, as the voters, deserve.

Barack Obama brings new heights to the phrase "clueless" as he's working so hard to unify the diverse conservative elements fractured during the last election.

For the most part, this moron's view is shared by a large segment of the population who haven't touched a gun or never felt highly enough about this country to serve it in uniform.

The rank hypocrisy of being, perhaps, the most protected-by-guns (of all types, assault AND fully automatic) person on the planet, it's easy for this idiot and his winged monkeys to cast aspersions on the rest of us who wish for a small percentage of the protection this clown will have for the rest of his life.

The idiocy of this moron's edicts are self-evident.... leftist, low-hanging fruit.

Bread and circuses to deflect the attention of the people and make them believe that something besides hypnotic efforts to make them believe that government is actually DOING something as opposed to ACCOMPLISHING something.

"DOING" something amounts to card tricks like Obama's idiocy today.... and Jaime Herrera's bait and switch lies on the CRC.

"ACCOMPLISHING" something means that enacting what WAS "done" actually makes a POSITIVE difference on the outcomes.

And the outcomes from Obama and Cuomo's stupidity will not be "positive."  NOTHING they advocate here would have saved a single baby in that classroom.

We have a problem in this country.  To solve the problem first requires a definition of the problem; what, precisely it is and what, exactly, are the contributing factors.

That Obama ignored the hypocrites supporting him and gun-grabbing make some of the most violent movies on the planet ("Say hello to my little friend!") is to exclude visual violence as a cause.

Because Hollywood owns this guy like we don't have a 13th Amendment, he naturally failed to implement any accountability towards THEM, oh, no.... after all, THEY have that "First Amendment" right to "freedom of expression."

You know, like we have a 2nd Amendment right to our guns. 

But, By God they ARE doing SOMETHING.

No matter how moronic.


Martin Hash said...

Aren't you the one who says perception beats practice every time. It doesn't make any difference what Obama has done or what he will do - it's only what people THINK he's doing that's important. He wins again.

Just a guy said...

Actually, it's "perception is reality."

In this case, even Reid has said much of his plan is DOA.

He overstepped. And I think it might hurt him.