Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gun registration? Bad idea.

Bill O'Reilly has been banging the gong for gun registration.

Bad idea.

Like many out of touch with the common folk, O'Reilly seems to have forgotten why we have a 2nd Amendment in the first place: it is as a buttress against government tyranny.

So why should we help the government engage in that very tyranny by allowing them to keep track of which of us does, and does not have, a firearm?

Leftist nutters like Kitzhaber and his winged monkeys keep trying to frame the argument as an issue of "hunting" or "target shooting."

Ask them in a sober moment: "Governor, is that really why there IS a 2nd Amendment?"

Of course it isn't.  But our government continues to show a propensity for increasing their power at the expense of our freedom.  And I am not inclined to strengthen that ability by telling the government, which just here locally removed an obviously unconstitutional county ordinance that in substance would have enabled our guns to be CONFISCATED at the whim of the commissioners.

If they had ever implemented such a ban and actually, through edict, ordered the confiscation of our weapons, would registering them have helped that effort, or hindered it?

And folks, that law was in place for 7 years... from October of 2005 through late 2012.
Gun registration goes to the heart of the leftist meme:

Lawful and legal gun owners are to be punished for the actions of criminals.  Because at the end of the day, does anyone reading this believe, for one second, that criminals will register THEIR guns?

NOTHING the president said today would have done a thing to keep those babies in Newtown alive.  And I really am getting sick of the leftists using the blood of those children to lubricate the treads of their political tanks.

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