Friday, December 28, 2012

Watch as the cowardly House GOP gets rolled.

There was a song out there that you don't hear much anymore for obvious reasons, entitled "Maybe I mean 'Yes.'"

Here's some of the lyrics:
When I say no I mean maybe.
Baby don't you know me yet?
Nothin's worth havin' if it ain't a little hard to get.
So let me clarify so you won't have to try to guess.
When I say no I mean maybe, or maybe I mean yes.
That should be the title of the next GOP Caucus song.

It's what the left depends on, and it's what the right delivers EVERY FRICKING time.

This rape plays out with it's usual inevitability because the GOP is too damned dumb to see it coming, arm itself and put a stop to it.

We are going to get screwed... again... as the debt continues to pile up... again... with idiocy like MORE unemployment extensions as Obama continues to use our money to buy off those slime sucking us dry.

And again, we will cave.  And again, that cowardly moron representing us will vote for this scam... because she wouldn't want to risk her porkulous seat on Appropriations.


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Lew Waters said...

It seems Obama has determined that federal employees have sacrificed enough and are due wage increases next week.

Executive Order -- Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay

I'm sure China has plenty of money to lend us to cover it.