Friday, December 28, 2012

Top Stories for 2012.

In no particular order:
Jon Russell leaving

As I suspected, the absence of Jon Russell is much like the hole left in a bucket of water when you pull your foot out.

Sadly, it’s a matter of time until the organization that he scammed a job from finds out what he’s all about which typically has been the greater glory of Jon Russell.

His ongoing absence has been a breath of fresh air for Washougal, where I am sure he will not be missed.

Defeat of Marc Boldt

Marc Boldt lost.

I hoped he would.  I wanted him to.  I tried to get him sanctioned by the GOP at re-org in December 2010 but was overwhelmingly thrashed… but I planted the seed.   I reminded those in attendance that there was something wrong with supporting a “Republican” who had been endorsing democrats.

The development of Madore’s candidacy obviously made that solution more palatable.  But whether it was used for that purpose or not, it had to happen.

The democratian’s incessant whining, the RINO’s bolting a party they were only peripherally a part of anyway; the amassed support of the democratian, the leftist politicians and those sucking from the CRC trough rabidly supporting Marc; Marc’s inexplicable and unsupportable positions on the hated CRC, including light rail and generational, ever-increasing tolls; his foolish lockstep with the other democrat commissioners to violate our Constitutional rights on arms; and his deaf, tin ear on the promised county charter vote… more lockstep with the democrats that spelled his political doom.

I was conflicted about this.  As Marc is my brother-in-law, I don’t bear him any personal ill-will.  But in the end, I had to make the decision as to how, exactly, I would treat him in this blog, politically and publicly.

I regret that it was necessary for Marc to be defeated.   But the choices were simple and stark:  reward a complete politician in the pockets of the democrats and the downtown special interests who was ran, strategized and financed by the democrats for his political perfidy… or elect the alternative.

I voted for neither.  But I hope that Commissioner Madore achieves the success his campaign promised… and that he will be successful in killing the Hydra that is the CRC vampire monster, the many-headed creature with its voracious fangs buried in the taxpayer’s jugular.

I will also point out, however, that although Marc Boldt had to know he was wrong on so many levels, he’s that rare politician who stuck to his guns… even when he knew they were the wrong caliber, with the wrong ammo and aimed in the wrong direction.  (Or he at least must have suspected) and that is the rare commodity in the political world today.

Defeat of the ballpark scam

Perhaps THE most idiotic project besides the CRC rip off and the Cowlitz megacasino scams, requiring 400,000 Clark County citizens to pay for the Yakima Millionaire’s new ballpark, located naturally in downtown Vancouver instead of where it SHOULD have been built (The fair grounds) and forcing all of us to pay for it with taxes on tickets to movies, the amphitheater, the fair, golf and a great many other locations around the county… all without asking us.

Commissioner Mielke rightfully opposed that stupidity from the beginning.  Boldt only became a “no” after it was made clear to him that he’d be the one left hanging when the Vancouver City Council rejected Tim “The Liar” Leave-it’s /Steve Stuart’s ballpark scam… finally, after tens of thousands of dollars of wasted staff time, bogus reports from CRUDEC on the fantasy financial benefits of $10 million a year (Paid for by the ballpark scammers)  lies and flip-flops from the democratian… only then did Boldt pull the trigger on this obviously moronic plan .

Zarelli resignation

Joe Zarelli’s resignation took most by surprise.  Rumors abounded…  it was to help RINO Rob and get an appointment… it was because he was under some sort of investigation (Not true, BTW)… it was so he could get a full time gig in Israel…. And so on.  But whatever happened, Ann Rivers became our Senator and was subsequently re-elected.

I don’t agree with Rivers on everything, but there is no question that she is the best one for the job.

Benton’s win.

Don Benton simply does not lose.

Why the dems keep trying… and trying the same old garbage to get it done, is beyond me.

This time, they came tantalizingly close.  But close doesn’t really count, does it?

A quick look at the numbers show that Benton raised and spent $471,000 and that Probst raised and spent $324,000.

Much of Probt’s  money came from, by or through local RINO’s like Arch Miller, Killian, Lynch, WA Restaurant Association,  Jerry Nutter and that ilk.  Wonder what kind of reception these clowns are going to get in Benton's office THIS session?
During Royce Pollard’ mayoral campaign, Benton endorsed Pollard because, even though Pollard was moronic about loot rail, unlike Tim “The Liar” Leave-it, he didn’t lie… repeatedly… about his positions. Better to have a truthful moron (Pollard) as mayor of Vancouver than a lying scumbag (Leave-it).  Pollard, of course, was far too dishonorable to return the favor: Benton's opposition to the CRC scam killed THAT deal.  
How... democrat of Pollard. 
The democrats and the RINO’s blew through over a half-million dollars on Probst to lose.

And, of course, at least Probst is out of government.  How can that be a bad thing?

CRC idiocy

There is no more criminal, idiotic, unwanted or unneeded project on the planet.  None.  And so far, we’ve done a pretty good job of stuffing it.  The next two years of defunding it ought to help… and hopefully will sink it permanently so we can begin to address realistic solutions to the problem of crossing the river while killing any thought of the idiotic loot rail sugar-plums dancing around fringe-left and special interest heads.

These morons can't even design a bridge tall enough... And all we've got to show for it is $150 million  hole blown in our wallets.

GOP senate takeover

Democrat heads are STILL exploding as the GOP wrests control of the Senate from the grubby, fringe-left mitts of the downtown Seattle liberal scum that control it.

Fringe-leftist Sen. Ed Murray (Communist-Seattle) had it mostly all figured out.  Hoping the Supreme Court would finally get around to tossing yet another initiative, this one hand-cuffing the democrats from following the catastrophic California taxation models they so admire, this time it all went up in smoke when reliably conservative Tim Sheldon (D-Mason County) and former Republican-turned Democrat Rodney Tom (D-Bellevue) decided they’d had enough and bailed on the idiocy that was (and is) the senate democrat caucus.

We can now anticipate the ending of state funding of the CRC rip off for at least the next two years… worth the price of admission to watch local leftists, the democratian and the special interests infesting us positively vaporize when the come to understand that funding is DOA.  Jim Moeller (Uber-Communist-Vancouver) and Mayor Tim “The Liar” Leave-it (Fringe-left democrat-Vancouver) are likely to publicly commit hara-kiri when they figure it out.

RINO losses

All this garbage about “re-branding”.  Well, the GOP “re-branded” the top of the ticket last election, with RINO Rob,  RINO Reagan,  Finkbeiner et al, and what did that “rebranding” get us?


Before there’s an effort to reinvent the GOP to meet the dem’s satisfaction, issues of competency and execution have to be addressed.  The GOP could run the greatest candidate who ever lived… but if the GOP is going to get its collective ass kicked in the basics, it really wouldn’t matter.

Outdemocrating the democrats does not a solid political platform make.

Every effort was made to reinvent the GOP for THIS election.  And what happened?

Where the issues favored the GOP and they stood up strongly for them and what they believed in, utilizing language and ideas that made sense… well, Clark County happened.  Running a campaign like RINO Rob, what happened?

We all know the outcome of that, don’t we?

CCGOP convention disaster/PaulBot take over

There’s no getting around it.  The convention was an utter and complete disaster, a failure in about every conceivable way.  For his leadership of that (and other) disaster(s), Brandon Vick’s impetuosity was rewarded with an election to the State House.

That impending disaster notwithstanding, it gave the PaulBots a rallying point.

While their efforts to win all the PCO races were an outright disaster, someone much wiser than I once said that the world is run by those who show up.

And they show up. 

At re-org, they won about all the positions… temporarily.  Because now, to prove their worth, they have to show that getting their group elected will result in material gain.

Taking out Moron Monica shouldn’t be too difficult… she’s already shown herself to be a cheating ingrate… and now, stupid, to boot.  But they’d better get it done.

Getting rid of Stuart shouldn’t be that hard: any pro-CRC candidate should get killed county-wide.  But the entire issue is one of results.  If the results are there…  and after 2 more years of democrat dictatorship, it SHOULD be…  then they likely will stay.

But they would be foolish to believe the establishment is just sitting back and doing nothing.  How wrong they are.

Barbie cowardice/ CRC fake out.

We continue to have, perhaps, THE most worthless member of congress “representing” us today. 
Babs talked a great game as part of her campaign.  But what has she done?


In fact, she’s done nothing of note since she was parachuted in here back in 07 to get the appointment to the 18th District after an 11 year absence without knowing the issues, the people or the communities in the district… because Marc Boldt set that up.

She accomplished nothing in the Legislature, and she’s accomplished nothing in Congress… nor is she likely to, since she puts the “back” in the phrase ”back bencher.”

In addition, she’s a coward to boot.  Her fear of meeting the people in a town hall meeting makes her a disgrace in ADDITION to her lies concerning the CRC.

Hopefully, she’ll get tired of the commute, as infrequently as she does come back here, and move on, or take somebody on (and get her ass kicked) for the US Senate.

Then, maybe, we can get somebody who can actually do something for us… instead of TO us.
These are the top ten so far about what has happened HERE  But who knows what can happen in the next 96 hours or so?


Beth Ruah said...

So....PCOLA was an 'outright disaster', but they won almost all of the board positions anyway, because they 'showed up'? What good does it do to show up if you aren't a PCO? You do realize that the attendance at the Re-Org meeting set a record, right? It's not like they came with a small band of PCOs and then relied on low attendance to pull off a tight victory. There were 161 PCOs there, and most of the PCOLA people won by a two-thirds margin. I think it's time to change your story. This dog don't hunt, and you are losing credibility faster than Acorn after a James O'Keefe video.

Just a guy said...

Yeah, it was an "outright disaster," and you do a great job of illustrating it.

Your recitation of the history of the Nazi takeover of Germany notwithstanding, your reeking arrogance is what makes illustrates that PaulBot take over of this county party the disaster it's going to be.

Further, since you don't show up as even a registered voter around here, what difference does it make WHAT you say?

You ask irrelevant questions (What good does it do to show up if you aren't a PCO?) make an unsupported claim (Really? How many showed up for re-org in, say, 1994?) and most of the PCOA people CAMPAIGNED.

That the Nazis actually won in Germany didn't make it all that great for Germany.

Don't confuse the vote with anything but what it was: a way for the PaulBots to take over an organization for awhile to gain some desperately needed credibility... for awhile.

Your imitation of Mussolini practicing a speech in a mirror don't impress me, and as for "my credibility," I have been in the local political realm for the last 25 years or so and I, have never HEARD of you. So let me leave you with this, whoever you are:

You don't like what I write?

Then don't read it. But coming around with this kind of playground garbage don't cut it. And it's part and parcel of why the PCOA, which ran on a platform of lies and EXCLUSION, is PRECISELY what I wrote that it was: an outright disaster.

Thanks for coming by, don't let the door hit you on the way out and don't come back.