Thursday, December 27, 2012

Moron Monica Stonier: better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a moron...

...than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

So, the rag finally got the word that Rep.-Elect Liz Pike (R-Camas) is LOOKING at POSSIBLE legislation to design a system to arm SOME teachers .

So, what does that blithering idiot from the 17th, the brand new WEA Union hack Obama Superdelegate, Moron Monica Stonier say?
"Bringing guns into the learning environment is absolutely the wrong approach," state Rep.-elect Monica Stonier, a teaching coach in Evergreen Public Schools, said Thursday. Stonier said she supports current gun laws, and that public schools make safety a top priority.
But does she tell us what the RIGHT approach is?

Nope.  Of course not.  She advocates continuing the current insanity, that accomplished the outcomes and bodies of those children.  She offers up absolutely NOTHING that would have changed the outcomes in Newtown one wit.

She is, instead, a leftist automaton that just mouths what her union bosses tell her to.
"I have been working in schools for 10 years, and we run a variety of safety drills for a variety of emergency situations," Stonier said. If a stranger enters a school, "they are approached by several adults in a very short amount of time."
You mean... like that guy in Connecticut?

How in THE hell did Moron's idiotic scenario help THAT?

This kind of knee-jerk, WEA hackery is why this ignorant bozo shouldn't have been elected dog catcher.

If an intruder is armed, and "approached by several UNARMED adults" what does this silly idiot think is going to happen?

She doesn't think that far ahead, being a moron and all.

The idea that "teachers wouldn't be able to access their their guns in time to make any difference" is total stupidity: The entire school heard the shooting going on; at that point, had every teacher been armed (In the unlikely event such an attack would have happened in a school where it was known teachers were armed)  they ALL would "have been able to access their guns in time."

To all of the naysayers, including the total idiots quoted in this article, I would ask you this:

It's your classroom that slimeball is going to be busted into.  You know he's coming.  You heard it.  You heard the screams, the noises, the yelling.  You've got 20 babies who are screaming, crying, running around.  You're heroic, you would give your life to protect them.

You now have a choice in this hypothetical:  You can shield as many of your children as possible with your body and get killed first... hopefully before you see him slaughter any of the rest.


You can pull your weapon the moment you hear the threat, wait for the door to your classroom to get broken in, or shot in... and then blow that unsuspecting Son of a Bitch to Mars.

The idea that teachers are too stupid to do this is bizarre.  It's amazing what someone can do when their lives and the lives of others depend on it.

Moron Monica would just have those kids... and those teachers... killed all over again.  Because the "... current gun laws, and that public schools make safety a top priority" did such a MARVELOUS job at accomplishing their aims.

Didn't they, Moron?

Congratulations to Rep.-Elect Pike for facing the storm of ignorance and leftist partisanship that was bound to happen by those who didn't want to face the new reality... those particularly bound to punish those of us who obey our laws because of what those who neither know nor care about "our current gun laws" have done or may do.

Moron Monica has show herself to be dangerously short sited and ignorant.  She needs to be defeated as soon as possible and removed from government.

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Lew Waters said...

Monica brilliantly displays the very reason I have opposed her in every election, she's as ignorant about real life as they can get.

By her attitude, Sandy Hook did everything correct and no one died there.

Unfortunately, she is dead wrong, along with 28 people.