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The problem with the Boldt political rehab article.

I read the political obituary of Marc Boldt this morning at 5:00 or so.  It was pretty clear that the point of the article was to provide some level of political rehabilitation for Marc, who I must claim as my brother-in-law in the interests of full disclosure.

The article tells one side of the story... provides quotes from democrats praising Boldt... and, of course, ignores the other side.

In the political realm, who was quoted in the story?

Democrat Commissioner Steve Stuart, who Marc made a habit of voting with against Republican Commissioner Tom Mielke.

Democrat former Commissioner Betty Sue Morris.

Not a single, solitary Republican, elected or otherwise, is quoted in the story.  Just Marc.

Not one.  Gotta wonder: why is that, exactly?

Together, the three of them, Boldt, Stuart and Morris voted to revoke our Second Amendment rights in the event THEY felt compelled to do so.

Unfortunately, Marc's protestation that "he's still a Republican" is betrayed by his votes and his scorn, expressed in the democratian, of Republican ideals.

Here's a county commissioner who joined with his democrat colleague to kill a promised county charter vote, a part of the local GOP county platform... which he then proceeded to acknowledge he hadn't even read.

One of many problems with the article is the exploration of Marc's destruction at the polls was superficial, at best.
"I have thought a lot about this," Boldt said in a recent interview. "The Republican party hasn't left me. The executive committee was mad at me. But I still believe in the platform and I still believe in the principles. I am a Republican."
This might have been just the tiniest bit believable if Marc hadn't admitted, publicly, that he hadn't read the platform before he voted with Stuart to kill the county charter vote... another critical and integral reason why David Madore ran against him because by breaking the pledge for the promised vote, Boldt showed both he was unconcerned about the platform AND that he was anything BUT Republican... while heaping additional wood on the fire of motivation to kick him loose from the GOP.

There was no mention of any of this sort of thing in the article, just the standard "Boldt as victim" schlock that served him so very well with the constituency last November.  And that was AFTER a primary where 70% of his commissioner district voted for someone else.

The pattern was set when Pat Campbell rather unceremoniously got his butt kicked out in the primary for his city council seat... a fate that nearly befell Marc in his last primary and one that should have sent him a message.  But tin ears don't hear what they don't want to hear.

In this, as in so many other matters, Marc showed his allegiance was to the democrats and special interests infesting us.

And is this where I point out that the real Republican candidate, David Madore, actually received the support of not ONLY the "executive committee" but the voters themselves?

Clearly, it was more than just the committee that was angry at Boldt.  And anger, as I frequently state here in this blog, is the number one requirement to unseat an incumbent.

Marc's self-delusion is likely comforting to him.  But it IS a self-delusion: one of the many facts the rag left out (and they do leave out so many inconvenient truths when the "journalism" doesn't go their way) is there were two incumbent commissioners who ran for re-election in the last cycle: one obstinately opposed to the CRC scam, one slavishly devoted to it.

One incumbent, out spent by his opponent over 10 to 1, received 21,000 more votes than the other, outspent by his opponent roughly 3 to 1.

One incumbent, who had every disadvantage in funding, organization and opposition by the democratian, who provided in-kind political advertising for his democrat opponent, had no support from the usual, allegedly GOP but actually quite RINO suspects... the BIA, the Realtors and the like...

While one incumbent was rabidly supported and endorsed by democrat elected and former electeds; such luminaries as Tim "The Liar" Leave-it, Steve Stuart, Former Commissioner democrat Judie Stanton, Former Speaker of the House democrat Joe "Boldt is too stupid to be in the Legislature" King,  Former Commissioner/Former State Senator/Failed Congressional/State Auditor candidate democrat Craig Pridemore; Vancouver city democrats Larry Smith, Pat Jolatta, Jack Burkman, Bart Hansen, Art Curtis, Former Senator democrat Al Bauer and, of course, the democrat daily newsletter, the democratian, an endorsement that certainly did more TO Marc than it did FOR Marc... and a host of others.

Why would these fringe-left whackers want Marc re-elected NOW, when they opposed him so strongly in the past?

Because he's one of them.  No amount of denial will change that.

They supported him.  They helped to finance him.  They helped to run his campaign.

What other "Republican" have they done that for?

The only "conservative value" that Marc may have remaining is his pro-life stance.  But it's amazing how well he was able to put that aside in an abortive attempt to get re-elected.

Boldt is quoted as saying in the article that: 
"I think the local Republican Party has a different view of a conservative than I do," Boldt said. "I believe being conservative means protecting the liberty and freedom of the people."
Which explains perfectly why he voted to dump our 2nd Amendment rights even though I warned him at the time that such a vote was unconstitutional... and his response?
"The legislature gave us that authority... if you have a problem with this, take it up with them." 
The newspaper article tells us "Boldt is uncomfortable taking the credit for what he's helped accomplish."

Perhaps that's because there's so little to be proud OF.

For a great deal of Marc's tenure, Clark County has been mired in either actual, or close-to, double digit unemployment.

The Salmon Creek interchange was a nightmare when Marc was elected; it's a nightmare now.

The continuing black hole of CTran and CRC taxes, fees, increased property taxes, inadequate roads and traffic management, a lack of significant movement of business development in the county to reduce traffic over the I-5 bridge... Boldt's complete co-opting by the special interests on the CRC scam... a co-opting that showed an astounding level of gullibility and resulted in a deafened ear turned towards the people... who found it very easy to replace Marc Boldt at the polls... all were happening and continued to happen on Marc Boldt's watch.

The article goes on to focus on Marc's efforts concerning Grace Lodge.  But isn't that a thin resume' to offer up for eight years?

I appreciate Marc's desire to serve his community.  I work at a food bank, the American Diabetes Tour de Cure, and have worked for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  But I do all of those things to give back... and I do them without being elected to anything. 

Marc Boldt served this community for a long time as an elected official.  But his inability to be responsive to the citizens he would govern, his almost cavalier disregard for advisory votes or any other way for the citizenry to express their opposition (or support) for ANYTHING the commissioners do... or refuse to do; his disdain for the bedrock foundations of Republicanism, his fear of the will of the people... his situational ethics when it comes to those who used him for so long... all make his election to any position highly unlikely.

And that's a shame.

But as long as the democratian continues to attempt to resurrect his tarnished political career... I intend to be here to set them straight.  And as far as his being a "Republican" is concerned?

Boldt was elected the Republican PCO from this precinct (620).  He has yet to show up for anything related to that job.

And how Republican is that?

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