Saturday, December 22, 2012

Memo to teachers: don't want to be armed? Then quit.

I don't think all that highly of teachers.

A 183 day work year (The rest of us have around a 250 day work year) massive pay rises, substandard products, a sense of arrogant entitlement and messed up children as a result of most of their efforts.

And now, I advocate arming teachers as a way to keep our children safe.

Predictably, the fringe-left nutters who can't find any other job (and wind up, God help us, teaching) want nothing to do with being armed. They stupidly think that their security, and much more importantly, that of our children, is someone else's responsibility.

There isn't anyone else. We can't afford anyone else. They are always there, and armed teachers result in a hard target: hard targets will rarely be attacked, whereas soft targets... like the school in Connecticut... ill be tempting to the whack jobs out there who break the laws to get their guns.

You know what they call teachers... and students like those in that school?


Teachers whine about it. Because those teachers have never been at the business end of a weapon.

I got into it with one of these self-anointed paragons: she offered no solutions, of course, just that as a teacher, she shouldn't have to concern herself with this sort of thing: to which, I said:
The moment I put him on the school bus, his security becomes the school district's problem. Schools all over the country are failing in that responsibility.
When I put him on a school bus, alive and in one piece, both he... and I... have the right to expect him to come back home in the same condition he left home in.

What am *I* doing about it? I'm communicating with my state legislators and demanding that teachers be armed.

See, my ONLY concerning is fixing the situation so that Connecticut will not be duplicated. YOUR only concern is how this will put YOU out, living up to the stereotype of the typically selfish, self-centered, don't give a damn about the kids teacher. Don't want to be armed? Then, as I said, feel free to quit. Because here's a bulletin: This ain't ABOUT you.

The times are changing. If you can't change with it, go pump gas for a living.

Children HAVE to go to school. This isn't about going to the grocery store... this is about following the law, which in this state REQUIRES school attendance. And when my kid rolls into YOUR classroom, his life is in YOUR hands.

And here's the hoot of all of this: not only do I carry a Colt Government with me everywhere we go to defend them, I would even do my best to keep people like you from getting killed as well, say in the Clackamas Mall situation. You, on the other hand, would rather just play "target."

Here's the deal: I don't care what YOU want. YOU, work for ME. And if you don't like the working conditions, then go work somewhere else.

Meanwhile, what I know is this: in your classroom, you and everyone else would be dead. And I have yet to see anything from you that would have changed that outcome one wit. *I* want to solve the problem. You want to deflect and complain.

While I personally equate teachers with grocery store clerks out of all of the spin you're trying to spew, there is only ONE place where children MUST go every day: school. And unless you come up with a SOLUTION, stop trying to duck responsibility for what YOU SHOULD be doing: protecting our children.

And this ("I'm not a conservative?" Really? You REEK of deflecting responsibility. Of COURSE you're not a conservative. You come across like a WEA, "where's my damned pay raise" union hack.) equating apples with oranges tact of yours solves nothing.

Requiring teachers to be trained and armed does NOTHING to "expand government." And it's far cheaper than the 10's of millions the Newton School District will have to pay for THEIR inadequate security when the inevitable lawsuits fall... because the district has NO DEFENSE.

Solutions. That's what this is all about. And if this, or any other classroom had been a hard target instead of a "shoot me, shoot me," target, we both know this wouldn't have happened... it wouldn't even have been tried.

God help the school district that allows my children to be killed... particularly when arming the teachers would likely end the threat.
For me, I have a simple filter concerning this situation.  In fact, out of all this sturm and drang about assault weapons and magazines, there's only one question: Would any of this leftist crap have changed anything in that school?

And the answer is "no."

But a school full of armed teachers would have... wouldn't it?

And that is all that matters.

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Anonymous said...

And how can one forget that favorite of OURS, the constitutional amendment voted in the 1990s that says: Title IX, section 1

"SECTION 1 PREAMBLE. It is the paramount duty of the state to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders, without distinction or preference on account of race, color, caste, or sex."

I believe this was the wording we voted on? And now, its cutting into every other service and one party with the MCCleary decision wants to RAISE taxes...


So I like your thoughts, Kelly.. Protect the children, even it means having to use a weapon to honestly protect them! -- Jeremy