Sunday, December 23, 2012

More democratian CRC idiocy.

The GOP-controlled Senate is a "no" on CRC funding.

That is, Gregoire left it out of the budget because she knew there was no point in putting it IN to the budget... and the democratian knows that as well.

They stupidly support Ridgefield Barbie in Congress because she does, in fact, support this project; all of it, the bridge, loot rail and tolls.  She works really, really hard to make people believe she doesn't, but in this outcome-based business, there's only one question:

What has Babs DONE?  Nothing.  Except talk.

The democratian knows all this. They went nuts in their efforts to keep Boldt in and get Benton out, in large part because Boldt's their bridge butt boy and Benton would blow it into the river if he could.

So now, they're faced with their worst nightmare:

A commissioner-veto block and a GOP Senate with a Vice Leader and Whip who will not allow CRC funding.

The democratian, of course, wigged out:
Budget Gregoire must, so budget she did. And for those of us in this part of the state, the most noteworthy aspect was a lack of new funding for the Columbia River Crossing project. Which may have been more a fit of frustration than an editorial commentary on the importance of the project.
Since the vast majority of humanity in "this part of the state" don't want the largest rip off in the history of the NW United States to GET funded, her decision to leave it out, prescient as it is, might be the one thing she did that actually reflects our sentiment of the people she would govern.

 Then, the democratian just flat out lies:
That could be a problem, considering that Washington must come up with some plan for financing its $450 million portion of a new I-5 bridge and surrounding highway and mass-transportation projects.
The lie, of course, is obvious.  The people of this area don't want this steaming pile; therefore we "must" do no such thing.

The potheads writing editorials down at the Lazy C "MUST" learn the difference between "want," and "have to have."

The rag and the downtown mafia WANT this.

The people of Clark County don't.  Just ask soon-to-be-former Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt.

Then Gregoire, thankfully on her way out, really blows it:
"The CRC is a top priority," she said. "They're going to have to put a package together. They can't kick the can down the road. They did that last year; we can't wait. There's federal money at stake."
First, it's not any kind of "priority" when the people don't want it.

Second, that there's federal money "at stake" is reason enough to kill the state funding: that way, we lose the money and this gigantic rip off will finally be killed.

Third, there won't be a package.

Gregoire's idiotic use of gasoline and diesel taxes for non-highway purposes is reason enough to kill all of this deal:  we will not be able to meet the requirements of the Supreme Court decision.

And this idiocy that shows it's long past time to get rid of her:
"If we had to go to the public for both K-through-12 and transportation and one of them has to be kicked off, that wouldn't bode well for transportation," she said. But she remains confident that the Columbia River Crossing will be a priority for lawmakers.
"I think people have come to understand it's an economic corridor for the West Coast," she said. "I think people recognize it's a vital economic corridor."
She seems to believe we can just crap money whenever we feel like it.  And "the people... understand" that it's a massive, unneeded, unwanted and unaffordable rip off.

What Gregoire, Inslee and the rag don't seem to understand is this: there will be no money for the CRC.  None.  It's over.  And those involved should be investigated by a federal grand jury, tried and convicted for wasting tens of millions of dollars on a theft that would make Al Capone blush.

The morons at the lazy C ask:  "will the Legislature take up the challenge?"

Nope.  There is no challenge: this thing is dead, and getting deader by the minute.


Anonymous said...

isn't this call for including CRC Bridge really the next governor-elect, Jay Inslee's? Though you might have it that to get the CRC to pass, you have to get it into the washington state senate that is the one drafting the first state budget line-by-line?
So if they don't pass and include it in a budget that then has to pass to Jim Moeller's side of the house to go through its internal churning and that is where I think it might get included. And has to get through a very rough conference call? after passage in the senate? -- jeremy

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly (and Lew reading this?) Ever see Orange County get a special bond investigation for tolling revenue shortfalls for a tollway in California? Over projected, over promised amount of road users???

Have fun!,0,1140719,full.story
source: Michael Anderson (formerly columbian writer, now runs his own blog & mag.)
-- Jeremy