Friday, December 21, 2012

Big whoop: Herrera got an amendment tacked on to a bill; why can't she do something about the CRC?

When you've spent 5 years in elective office and accomplished absolutely nothing, I suppose any deed, no matter how minor, needs a press-release; which the dolts at the democratian will dutifully publish.

In this case, she managed to get an amendment hung on the Defense Authorization Act, which, like her total effort in any legislative body, will really accomplish nothing of note... for anyone.

I have a small business.  Been in operation for 9 years or so this March.  Her amendment does squat for me, but then, I haven't ever sent her a check.

What this DOES show is that she CAN do something... if she gets off her wide-glide and is motivated enough... no matter how minor and inconsequential.

Which begs the issue: in the 2 years that simple idiot has been in office... why hasn't she done something about the CRC scam?

There is no bigger issue confronting the people of this area.  If this steaming pile actually get's built, it will be, in part, because our own local empty suit allowed it to happen, all the time trying to convince people that her support was contingent on the CTran-scam vote outcome... which is, of course, an outright lie.

It's kind of like budget deficits: if Congress didn't want them, we wouldn't have them.

If Herrera didn't support this scam, to include the unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary replacement of a paid for, fully functional I-5 Bridge with massive, generational tolls and loot rail, it would be completely off the table just now.

But it isn't... and that's because she does want this crap.

She's not smart enough to pull off this tight wire act to continue to fool people into actually believing she gives a damn about anything but herself.  On one hand, she's publicly, amateurishly and incompetent engaged in verbal combat with the lying sleazeball running Vancouver.  But it was a half-hearted effort at best and the memo for her is this:

There is no "try."  There is only do, or no do.

On the other, she has accomplished absolutely dick on this.  No attempt on her part has been made to actually DO anything to effect this rip off...

We now have a county commissioner with both an attitude and a checkbook.  I'd hate to be his next political target.

And Herrera should hate to be that target as well.  But you can't tell from her inaction on this scam... can you?

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Anonymous said...

I am starting to begin to wonder if the reason she was so pushed heavily during the last election was that she wouldn't get int the way of the CRC special interests??

Starting to get that feeling in several rounds of different places of local politics... -- Jeremy