Friday, December 21, 2012

It's black, scary looking and part of a group of weapons that killed 32,367 people in 2011. BAN THEM!


Anonymous said...

:) now, now Kelly.. You should have used the Chevy Volt... -- Jeremy

Haven said...

But wait, you're allowing them on the roads which _enables_ those people to die. You personally _share_ in the responsibility for those deaths!

Oh wait, that doesn't make any sense. Drive on.

Just a guy said...

My good fellow. . *I* don't "allow" anything. These cars were never illegal, and I never voted to put them on the road.

You will have to do much better than this... And meanwhile, the guy that guy your doper buddy killed is still dead.

I'm sure you're thrilled.

Anonymous said...

:) Hey Kelly, should we sent out some old 1970s Ford Pintos with wrecked ignition systems? -- Jeremy