Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Thoughts on our local elections.

My Predictions:

All legislative offices in the 14th, 17th, 18th and 20th remain or go into GOP.

All legislative offices in the 49th remain dem.


RINO Rob McKenna



Commissioners: No telling.


All legislative offices in the 14th, 17th, 18th and 20th remain or go into GOP.

All legislative offices in the 49th remain dem.


Jay Inslee




Tom Mielke

David Madore.

The Legislative outcomes were not that difficult: people down here are increasingly sick of democrat intransigence and their efforts to ram their bridge and light rail down our throats, so we all suffer.

Probst had no record to run on that would mesh with the mainstream, so all he could do is rely on lies, exaggerations and mud-slinging.  He ended the night a few votes ahead, but that will likely vanish tomorrow in the afternoon... fulfilling my prediction as the remaining votes break right.

Statewides: Garbage in, garbage out, as they say.

The Republican Party of this state was destroyed tonight, as if by nuclear missiles. When the dust settles, it appears that the GOP will not win ANY statewide race.  The GOP will be "O-fer."

The last polling I read indicated a RINO Rob upward trend, which is why, late, I predicted a RINO Rob win.  As we all know, I was wrong, and RINO Rob McKenna did a brilliant job of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory... from being up 10 points or so last February to this.

The trend, however, was up.  And political consultant types ride the trend.

Owen and Ferguson were easy picks: gay marriage Republicans will cause a large percentage of either skipping their vote, or writing in someone (I wrote in names for all three of these positions.) instead of merely voting for a label.

Out-democrating the democrats is never a wise campaign strategy, and pissing off the families of 10's of thousands of Boy Scouts (The McKenna Method) isn't recommended either.


This vote, of course, was a referendum on the CRC bridge/loot rail/toll scam.

Going into tonight, Joe Tanner had every campaign advantage except for one: the issues.

His positions concerning "jobs" failed to explain how it was that a democrat-controlled commission had already failed us so miserably for the past 4 years... a commission who would routinely ignore the only Republican.

Further, he never even attempted to explain what he could do to be more effective in opposing that indescribably horrific waste of billions of dollars that we cannot afford, do not want and do not need... and that was, based on the outcome, the number one issue locally of the voters today.

I told Joe several months ago that he was going to lose... and the bridge/loot rail/toll scam was why.

He outspent Tom roughly 8 to 1; went up on TV and so on... but the last piece I got from him was a negative hit piece that contained two large errors: it relied on and quoted the democratian newspaper, universally reviled by most in these parts... and it was a hit piece at all, because typically, when the last piece is a hit piece, that smacks of desperation and sends the wrong message.

The fringe leftists infesting us blew holes, stupidly, in David Madore because they kept calling him a "single issue candidate" and then they proceeded to beat the hell out of him for doing what newly minted democrat congresswoman Suzan DelBene in the 1st CD did: pay for her own campaign... $3 million in her case.

The rag did absolutely everything they could to defeat Madore and Mielke.  But like Tanner and Boldt, their approach to this campaign, as their approach to this area, has one glaring fault the size of the Grand Canyon: they are so out of touch with the whole of this community that they refuse to acknowledge that we, the people, do not want or need their loot rail/bridge/toll scam, and we damned sure didn't need it without even the courtesy of asking us.

Messages were sent tonight.  They were sent to the paper; to the legislature and to our congresswoman, who now has been cornered:  Act to kill this scam or else.

Will they listen?  And what might happen if they don't?

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