Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sums it up neatly: Boldt... upside down.

If ever any picture summed up the entirety of Marc Boldt's tenure as a county commissioner... this is it.

In everything from the false claim of being in the GOP, to his consistent votes with democrats against our interests and the interests of unborn generations of people who live here, Marc Boldt has betrayed us in every imaginable way.

And, I believe, this picture sums that up rather neatly, as Marc, in his own petty, snarky little way, stuck this sign next to my driveway.

That's the real Marc Boldt.  It's the shameful Marc Boldt that so many of you either don't know about or knowing, ignore that side of him because he's your guy.

No matter how this turns out, Boldt's betrayal of the people of this county, his rank hypocrisy and leftist support... those things will stand as his testament to his fake "servant leader" scam he's been running on the people around here for oh, so long.

The democrats... temporarily... want him, until they can kick him to the curb.

Well, they can have him.


Lew Waters said...

Marc fails, or refuses to see that although the Dems embrace him today, they will spit him out in a heartbeat down the road and when they do, don't come crying to us.

Michael Schroetke said...

I doubt it Lew. Progressives like myself embrace moderate elected officials. You and Kelly J. Hinton are too regressive and close minded to ever actually start thinking in a way that will help this great country, a country that is once again going to progress under the leadership of the great President Barack, his middle name is Hussein, Obama. Thank you for your time.

Martin Hash said...

Maybe he was "too stupid to be a legislator"?

All he had to do was clearly come out against CRC, apologize for a couple bonehead votes, and invite his critics to a private dinner where they could lay into his ass.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you both have't seen the totals, Jamie, David Madore won their races and the CRC Light Rail has gone down to defeat at this point, though more votes still need to be counted in the next few days.
What is funny is that this down vote was from the creation of their OWN C-tran subdistrict? Yes, I mean not the whole county, but the very well reduced 2004 boundaries, right?
Now Lew and Kelly, if Jaime doesn't hold her part of her commitment that she said she would follow the WILL of this vote! And if the special interests in the county find another way, she will stop this project... -- Jeremy

Lew Waters said...

I hope you're not holding your breath on that, Jeremy

Jack said...

I think that "The Great God Barack" is going to get run out of DC with tar & feathers before he's done.The guy is so incompetent that he could screw up a free lunch.It's gonna come back to bite him in the ass.