Wednesday, November 07, 2012

What'd the commissioner vote mean?

So, there is a morning of a day in early January upcoming where we will have a county commission that will FINALLY be controlled by conservatives... it will, 4 years later, actually be controlled by Republicans worthy of the name.

So what's it all mean?

I indicated below that the commissioner vote, combined with the overwhelming rejection of that moronic sales tax increase, represents the closest thing we're likely to see to a county-wide referendum on the entirety of the CRC scam:  The winners, Madore and Mielke, have a years-long, documented opposition to the entirety of the rip off in question; the losers, do not.

So, at this point, we once again (at least until tomorrow when the Obama vote is likely to fall) are a county that voted for Obama, and then turned around and voted for the two candidates least like Obama on the entire ballot: Tom Mielke and David Madore.

Why would they do that?

For the same reason their was a huge swing of Obama voters voting for Mielke back in 08: because these two, unlike those who lost, have a years long history of opposing the rip off dejour.

Boldt, a complete political traitor, entirely co-opted by the democrats and their bridge scam, was as much in favor of the bridge/loot rail/toll scam as that assclown Leave-it.

Unfortunately for him, while that may have made his temporary, new found buddies happy, it really and truly turned off a population who had, in the past, wrongly believed in him based on his former conservative stances.

In the understatement of the year, the rag is quoted as saying:
Boldt has acknowledged that he has become more of a moderate since his days as a five-term state representative from the 17th District.
Yeah.  Him and Obama.

Even in a political massacre resulting from Boldt's perfidy, the rag still can't bring themselves to call a spade a spade... and to more accurately label the soon-to-be former commissioner's Quisling act as what it is: political treachery of the kind up to now only exhibited here locally by Tolling Timmy Leave-it.

Like the Royal Magistrate said:  "Now behold the awful price of treason"

Boldt, unceremoniously removed from the Republican Party and subsequently upheld by both democrats and the local rag as some sort of victim, never provided an argument for his continuing tenure as a commissioner from the moment he betrayed the trust of the people by coming out in favor of this rip off, by doing everything he could to spike a county wide CRC vote, by spiking the county charter effort, by jacking up our taxes and by violating ethics laws by using county money to get his wife paid.

Boldt, having long since lost any vestige of Republicanism, had thrown Tom under the bus so often I asked him if he thought he should change his name to "Bluebird," after the old school bus manufacturing company.

Democrat and RINO heads exploded all over the county tonight.  Imagine how Steve Stuart feels... since he now is going to come to know, with a deadly certainty, exactly what Tom Mielke's nightmare has been for the past four years and what his, Stuart's, is going to be for the next two... long... years.

But now, because of David Madore, Boldt is gone, and will soon no longer be in a position to govern.  And I am thankful for that.

In addition to the various developers, democrats, RINOs and that ilk who were moronic enough to support Boldt while siding against Mielke, one of the most unhappy individuals in Clark County tonite has to be Joe Tanner, who watched tens of thousands of dollars of his own money vaporize in front of our very eyes as he was defeated with almost matter-of-fact ease by Commissioner Tom Mielke. Tanner had outraised Mielke roughly 8 to 1 while simultaneously causing the first known violation of the Television Rule that I have personally, ever seen:
When one side goes up on TV and the other side doesn't, the side off TV loses.
Until tonight.

The last-second Tanner hit-piece provided me with pause: it must have shown bad polling numbers.  For all the good it did, using the democratian on a mailer to illustrate a point is like attending a journalism seminar put on by Pravda under Stalin back in the day: wrong message, wrong source, and it just served the purpose of reinforcing how much Joe was in the tank for the CRC, etc.

Bad move, strategically.

And now, we have a VERY healthy, self-funding commissioner-elect who is, no doubt, feeling his oats.

One can presume that he might have something to say concerning the upcoming elections.  You know, like to Timmy Leave-it?

"Bad mayor.  No biscuit."

Now, there's a new sheriff in town, one who has the other vote he needs to utilize that commissioner veto to kill anything CTran wants to do.  And he's got that for the next 4... long... years.  Plus, he's got a 12 gauge checkbook, likely aimed right at Leave-it's political head, while that moron Leave-it just keeps begging Madore to pull the trigger.

I doubt he'll be disappointed in that regard.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were mass resignations coming up once the various investigations start.

This could get ugly... and even criminal.

Meanwhile, our heretofore congresswoman had better get off that wide-glide and jam a stick into the CRC spokes.

You know, like she should have about 2 years ago?

Like that?

Because Madore can, in fact, take her out.  He's obviously got the checkbook for it.  AND he'll have the political base for it here in Clark County

And given her complete lack of accomplishment in ANYTHING, how hard could she be to defeat 2 years from now?

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The Columbian lost. Great! The bastards deserved to lose.