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Corruption and bribery in the 5th District state senate: Pflug and her democrat scum sell out. Will RINO Rob act?

Anyone paying attention here locally sees a version of this with our own democrat commissioner, Marc Boldt:  Cheryl Pflug, alleged Republican and democrat sell out for the big dollar job, was bought off.

Apparently, in passing through law school, Pflug was absent over any discussion of the 13th Amendment:
Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.[2]
In short, she wasn't aware that it was illegal for her to put herself up for sale... or for the democrats to buy her like the commodity she is.

It reeks so bad that even a democrat House candidate is demanding a criminal investigation:

Dem backs GOP House hopeful, says Gregoire bribed Pflug

October 11, 2012
A Democratic candidate for a seat in the House of Representatives from Washington’s 5th District has endorsed the GOP Senate candidate from that district, arguing that his Democratic colleague was a party to the suspicious manner by which incumbent Republican Cheryl Pflug abandoned the position last spring.
Less than four weeks before the election, 5th District Democratic House of Representatives candidate David Spring has endorsed the Republican Senate candidate in his district, accusing leaders from his own party of bribery and corruption.
Spring, a North Bend educator, released a public statement on Thursday that read, “As just the latest example of political corruption in the Democratic Party, there is abundant evidence that Gov. Chris Gregoire gave (former) Republican Sen. Cheryl Pflug a $1 million bribe to help the Democratic Party steal her Senate seat here in east King County.”
Pflug, a two-term incumbent, filed for re-election in May. Three days after the filing deadline closed, however, Pflug announced she would not run for office and would instead accept an appointment from Gregoire to fill a $92,000-a-year vacancy on the Washington State Growth Management Hearings Board.
David Spring
According to 5th District Republican Chair Bob Brunjes, any number of qualified Republicans, including incumbent State Rep. Jay Rodne would gladly have run for the Senate seat if they’d known Pflug would be vacating it. When she filed for re-election, however, Rodne turned his attention to holding his seat in the House and the only Republican on the ballot for the Senate seat was Brad Toft, a Snoqualmie mortgage banker who has never held political office before.
According to Public Disclosure Commission filings, Spring notes that Pflug had raised no money whatsoever for her re-election bid, proving she had no intention of running and only filed her paperwork to deceive other Republicans into believing she would.

Well, even more evidence has surfaced: will RINO Rob McKenna do anything about this while he still can?

Don't hold your breath.

‘We’re Doomed’ – Public Records ‘Confirm Corruption’ in Gubernatorial Appointment, Senator Says

More on That Unpleasantness in the 5th

By The 9th Order

 Washington State Wire
Scribbled note from Keith Phillips, adviser to the governor, shows the governor’s staff was aware of the importance of the May 21 deadline, Ericksen says.
OLYMPIA, Oct. 23.–A batch of documents released Monday by state Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, adds fuel to suspicions of nasty business in the 5th Legislative District this year, a story reported by Washington State Wire last week. The records, generated as a result of a public records act request to the governor’s office, don’t prove a scheme to influence an election via the gubernatorial-appointment process. But Ericksen says they’re good enough for government work. His letter to reporters says they “confirm corruption.”
The records show at the very least that the office of Gov. Christine Gregoire stretched the rules more than a tad for former state Sen. Cheryl Pflug, R-Maple Valley when she applied for a position on the state Growth Management Hearings Board.  Her application was late and staffers had serious misgivings about her qualifications. At least two urged that it be spiked.  But it went forward nevertheless. Among Pflug’s professional references was state Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, chairman of the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee.
And finally, when the appointment was announced, one staffer reacted:  “We’re doomed.”
Some of the more suspicious souls at the statehouse have been raising questions about the affair ever since the appointment was announced May 21. By naming Pflug to the high-paying position, the Democratic governor took an incumbent Republican out of the running for re-election and boosted the chances of Democrat Mark Mullet, an Issaquah city councilman who filed for the position. The internal emails, notes and memorandums “clearly show that political considerations to give the 5th District seat to Mark Mullet overrode Cheryl Pflug’s lack of qualifications to serve on the Growth Management Hearings Board,” Ericksen says. Pflug and the governor’s office say everything is on the up-and-up.
Matter of Timing
Former state Sen. Cheryl Pflug, R-Maple Valley.
It’s a five-month-old story, but just in case you’re tuning in late, it is one that has taken on a new importance in recent weeks. As other Senate contests drop from the radar screen, the 5thDistrict Senate race has emerged as one of the most competitive of this year’s races, in a year when Republicans are within striking distance of the majority in the upper chamber.
What raised eyebrows last May was the timing. Pflug was named to the position one day after filing week had ended, when it was too late for Republicans to find a new candidate, but just in time to meet a 5 p.m. deadline for Pflug to strike her name from the ballot. That left one Republican in the running – mortgage broker Brad Toft. Allegations of legal misconduct and other sundry charges have appeared on a regular basis since midsummer. Republican Pflug endorsed Democrat Mullet shortly after taking the $92,500-a-year job – worth approximately $1 million over the 6-year term, when benefits are considered. And while the whole episode might be chalked up to an unusual series of circumstances, there are many, including Ericksen, who say it’s all a little hard to believe.

The more cynical among us would point and say, well, that sort of thing happens all the time.

Does it?

When was the last time?

There's a word for women who sell their services illegally.

Would that word apply here?

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