Friday, January 27, 2012

Democratian proves its ignorance, does some list's press release, stupidly babbling about how great business has it here.

I suppose when you've gone bankrupt and when you're addicted to telling everyone else that increasing their taxes is a good idea while you work quietly to get your own lowered, it's not surprising that the clowns running the democratian believe the nonsense hat someone published in some list or another.

At the end of the day, when some outfit publishes a list that makes the government of this state look good, or some project or another that the rag wants (Just yesterday, for example, some punk 11 year old was busted for bringing a .22 onto a "train."  Of course, it WASN'T a "train," it was the loot rail system in Portland that the democratian is so in love with, but hey, can't use an accurate headline when it blows up your favorite multi-billion dollar rip off, can you?) you can expect them to both swallow it whole and babble about it in another "see, I told you so!" editorial.

Today's idiocy?

This state ranks 7th in "business friendliness."

If that's even remotely true... then God Help this country.

The business climate in this state is horror wrapped around idiocy,  The unbelievable amount of money it takes to even start a business, let alone run it, in fees and taxes and regulations is enough to choke a rather large horse.

No business of any size would even THINK about locating here, was it that long ago that Boeing got out of Dodge and set up shop in corruption central, aka Chicago?  And what about that airplane plant in South Carolina that our neo-communist, empty suited moron in the White House's minions threw an embolism over?

Yeah.  Washington is a business Utopia, with the highest or second highest minimum wage in the entire world and a set of regulations that would cause a blind man to go cross-eyed.

As I sit here, working on my quarterly B&O tax that certainly takes the place of other state's income taxes as a reason to set up shop elsewhere, I look at the babble of this editorial and shake my head at the thought that not only are the clowns who run the rag frightfully stupid, they're incompetence in the business realm is now on display for all to see.

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