Friday, January 27, 2012

The fringe left continue to lionize their RINO buddies for their gay marriage sell out: Reagan Dunn leads the list.

Readers here know that I despise corrupt politicians.  Reagan Dunn, who sold out principle for election, leads that list.

Others, who've done the same in their quest for elective office include, typically, the usual King County RINO suspects:

Litzow and Pflug in the Senate (Pflug badly wants Dunn's King County Council seat) Anderson and "former" democrat Maureen Walsh, and 2 King County Council members, PvR (Another "former" democrat if memory serves) and a drunk by the name of Jane Hague.  ( I was on staff with Walsh, who was LA to Rep. Dave Mastin, who came up as a democrat and switched parties, along with his LA, former democrat activist Maureen Walsh) 

Of course, hundreds of Republicans don't share the view that the joke known as gay marriage is even remotely worthy of our time and attention (It isn't) aren't worthy of mention and this placing of these scum onto some sort of pedestal as a result of their election year conversions and political treason is just the thing you'd expect fringe left nutters like Joni Balter TO do.

To the seven of you slime balls who think so little of the tenets of your party: feel free to go all the way.

Just quit screwing around and become the democrats you obviously so much admire.  No half measures here, kids. Because we don't need to vote for fake democrats when we've got the real thing.  And I'm sure that in any area to the right of Mao, your political careers may be in jeopardy.

One can only hope.

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