Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pridemore and the other Reagan Dunn-style democrats screw the people on the gay rip off vote: deny Benton's effort at a referendum amendment.

Obeying his masters, Craig Pridemore (Communist-49) today rammed the gay marriage scam through committee, denying all amendments to allow the people to have any say on this issue because the fringe-left whack jobs wanting this scam definitely don't want the people to have any say... although the subsequent initiative will certainly provide that say anyway.

Pridemore, as we all know, is ditching the legislature in an effort to get a better-paying gig.  He's got his retirement to worry about, after all.  But like his buddy Reagan Dunn, RINO Republican and King County Councilman, he believes that getting this notch on his crank is what he needs to do get elected.

With Dunn, it's clear his abandonment of principle is politically motivated.  But unlike Dunn, the question remains: does Pridemore HAVE Any character?

From his first session in the Senate:
Legislature: Pridemore reluctantly casts key tax vote

Sunday, April 24, 2005

By DON JENKINS, Columbian staff writer

OLYMPIA -- State lawmakers appear ready to end the 2005 session today, though for about one minute a Vancouver Democrat had the session derailed.

To protest higher taxes on cigarettes and alcohol, Sen. Craig Pridemore on Friday night originally voted against a $263 million revenue package that supports a two-year spending plan agreed to by House and Senate leaders.

Without Pridemore's vote, the package was one vote short of passing.

Pridemore, however, changed his vote to yes at the end of the roll call and immediately left the floor of the Senate, unhappy with what he helped approve.

"I think the Senate has balanced the budget on the backs of the poor and powerless," he said
So, after bitching about the budget and who is tasked with balancing it, what does the little slimeball do?

Votes "yes," anyway.  Character?  WHAT character?

There are other little episodes, of course, that show he can be bought.  But his gay marriage jihad and that of his fellow fringe-left nutters like Dunn and Moeller are the result of political deals where the main concern isn't integrity, character, or the will of the people:

It's getting elected... start to finish.

Good luck with that to the both of you.

As for me, I am opposed to gay-rights nonsense; the idea that anyone should be accorded any special treatment or status because of their sexual practices, one way or the other, is absurd.

But it would at least be palatable if the fringe-leftists so rabidly pursuing this idiocy would at least have the decency to allow the people to have a say.

Because if this was, ultimately, the will of the people of this state, I could more easily live with it... except the fear-driven left has shown in everything from the CRC to this nonsense that what the people they would govern want is totally unimportant.

And frankly, I don't recall any of this clowns outside the gay caballeros ever running on a pro-gay marriage ticket.  But that's just me.


Martin Hash said...

I'm glad Washington has an initiative system. "Gay marriage" is exactly the kind of thing that can separate the rhetoric from the facts. If there aren't enough signatures for the initiative, or the initiative fails, then the legislature got it right. Otherwise, you're right. I have no dog in this fight, I'll be curious to see what happens.

Blogging around the Pacific Northwest said...

Martin, if the DOMA people come back with an initiative like they did with R-71. Do you think people are going to sign it and have the same B$ problems that went along with this initiative? Meaning have late night calls, hate emails and other problems, all because someone decided they need to take a case to the (federal) supreme court on the basis of taking out the privacy of those people??

I normally do not have a dog in this fight or discussion EXCEPT for the above reason.