Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The whining articles start in the democratian: among the first up, the Gorge Commission.

We are now and for the next several months, going to be regaled with how tough various agencies have it because.... finally.... their funding is going to be cut deep and "they" are going to "suffer."

Not like tens of thousands here locally and millions across the country suffer at the hands of an inept, out of touch government, you understand. But "suffer," nonetheless.

Here locally, one of the most useless, damaging wastes of millions of dollars since their inception has been, and continues to be, the Columbia Gorge Commission.

They are facing severe cuts. Not severe enough, you understand, since they are apparently not going to be eliminated altogether, but severe. In fact, the democratian uses the term "grim."

That's the kind of terminology best reserved for serious situations... death or impending death... destruction... describing our Empty-Suit's governance or handling of the economy.

Budget cuts, when called for as government at every levels budget should be cut, are not grim. If the Gorge Commission was to disappear tomorrow, no one but the FOG would miss it. And as far as that goes, maybe those folks should write the Commission a big fat check, if they're so all fired important in the overall scheme of things.

Because what I know for sure is this: the Gorge was there long before there was a Commission... and it'll be there long after it's gone.

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