Monday, March 22, 2010

Many thanks for Attorney General Rob McKenna's challenge to Soviet-style healthcare.

Congratulations to Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna who is going to go forward with legal challenges to put a stop to Obama's socialized medicine plan.

As previously mentioned here, I will not buy government mandated health care insurance; I will not pay fines; I will not send the IRS more money to pay for it.

In short, if they want me, they're going to have to come and get me.

McKenna, being the only elected official speaking for the people statewide, has bitch-slapped our worthless waste of skin governor, who has thrown her own hissy fit because Rob didn't get what amounts to her permission to sue... not that he needed it.

Gregoire, to our shame our current governor and a former AG herself, obviously knew before she threw her tantrum that McKenna could do whatever he wished here, with or without her support.

And in response to your moronic question that you're so clueless that you don't know "who he represents," I would offer this:

He represents the vast majority of us who do not want this. He represents those of us who view the Constitution as something more then an a series of suggestions.

McKenna is right. The worst that can happen is that he loses. But if he wins, then that means the moron running this state would have cheerfully wanted us to live under unconstitutional laws that SHE supports. And to that, I say: drop dead.


Kriss said...

I am so pleased to see the attorneys general of many states filing law suits against this outright denial of the constitution. The question that I have asked many times about this travesty is why no one seems to understand that the Federal Government is only one governing body. After all....there are 50 STATES! These 50 states have come together in an agreement to be united...that is why we are called the UNITED STATES. Each state has its own governing body and the Federal Government CANNOT usurp states rights. People seem to think that the Federal Government is the be all and end all of power, however if we would stop looking to the FEDS for leadership and start working within our own state governments to accomplish what needs to be accomplished within our own states, we wouldn't need all the help from the FEDS. People....stop giving the Federal Government so much power! We need to make the Federal Government smaller and give more power back to the State Governments. Where in the world have we lost that simple concept. We want to turn all our power, all our liberty and all our choices over to a seat of government that has no idea what is happening in our backyards. That is how we get legislation like this! Our country is too big and too diversified to have generalized legislation on this kind of level. Our state governments should be the ones to form health care legislation because the people who are doing it live right in our neighborhoods. Duh....

Kriss said...

Next on the list for Obama will be amnesty for the illegal aliens in this country. In my opinion, the only reason for this is because he needs the votes in 2012. Just watch...I would be willing to bet there will be no help for the middle class, no help for those who need jobs to support their families, no help for those who are losing their homes....It will be about getting the votes to get re-elected. Won't that make a huge statement about what is important to our president and his cronies!

Lee said...

Not only amnesty. There are trillions of dollars to purchase the votes of those newly enfranchised "citizens". Just like buying the votes in congress.