Monday, March 22, 2010

Herrera ditches her caucus AGAIN: votes to clean out reserve.

State Representative Jaime Herrera (Fake R -SEIU) has once again ditched the Republican caucus and joined with her leftist buddies to empty out our state reserve by voting "yes" on House Bill 3197 "Budget Stabilization Account."

The bill transfers $229,000,000 out of the reserve account, effectively emptying it so her buddies can spend it. The bill passed with a 69 -28 vote, with Herrera AGAIN joining her fellow leftists.

Well done...

...if you're a democrat.

Herrera, best known for screwing us with her cosponsorship and voting for the SEIU bill requiring collective bargaining for child care workers, can now add this to her impressive list of leftist votes.

So, instead of sticking with the rest of the Republicans, Herrera bails AGAIN and gives the democrat money machine what they want.


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Anonymous said...

I'm not so good at math here, so help me out.

37 GOP House Members - 28 GOP Members Voting Against it = 9 GOP Members Voting for it!

My God! Does that mean there are 9 traitors in our midsts? Should we purge them all? We might not have much of a GOP left you know?

Someday you are going to have to learn that no one agrees with you 100% of the time, and when they don't agree with you, that doesn't necessarily make them a bad person. Let me know when that day comes. We can celebrate. Kumbaya and such.

Just a guy said...

Well, you're apparently not too good at politics, either, so here... let me try.

1. Only one of those House Members you refer to is running in the 3rd CD.

2. Of those candidates running in the 3rd CD, only one has co-sponsored and voted for an SEIU supported bill forcing day care workers into collective bargaining.

3. A true conservative wouldn't dream of trashing their caucus to help feed the public employee unions that will benefit from this transfer. But then, no true conservative would, you guessed it, co-sponsor or vote for an SEIU supported bill, either.

4. This is just another notch on her leftist gun belt. Her whole reason, allegedly, for existence in the House is to save us taxpayers money.

5. Voting to blow $229,000,000 in addition to the horrific tax increases the dems are going to impose on us? That's not "treason," it's leftist stupidity.

Using your bizarre "100%" argument, if it were approaching true, there's no reason to vote for anyone. And here, Herrera is developing a pattern. And it's a pattern of spending our money and doing the SEIU's bidding.

I've got to ask myself: of the other GOP'ers running in the 3rd, who among them would have voted the same way.

The answer:


How people have voted and acted in the past is the best indicator for how they'll act in the future. Like the other elected empty suit, Obama, no one should be surprised that he's done what he's done.

And compounding that error by electing another empty suit just doesn't add up.

There. I hope I've helped you with both your math... and your politics.