Monday, March 22, 2010

Barnett loses it, attacks Herrera, Zarelli and Orcutt for out-of-district donations.

Barnett's keepers sent out this totally bizarre press release.

Barnett’s Convention Appearance and Campaign Kick Off Barely Exceeds His Low Expectations!

 The combined campaign kick off and convention appearance for Shannon Barnett, Neo-Conservative Candidate for 18th District House of Representatives, completely met his low expectations. With the unsurprising Cowlitz County Republican’s unanimous endorsement today, based on the fact Barnett owns these people; and only $2,000 in donations at the Campaign Kick Off on Thursday, there is obviously a lot of grassroots momentum building for the front runner, Ann Rivers.

“In spite of the fact that Ann Rivers was the highest vote getter for 18th District Delegate to the state convention, getting over 80 out of 91 votes on the first ballot In Clark County, we feel really good about our little effort,” Barnett said.
“My message of Less Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom is resignating[sic] with 27 people in our community.” Barnett added, “For the small number of PCO’s in Cowlitz County to vote unanimously to endorse me is expected, since I was their past chair. Who else would they vote for? In fact, it’s kind of like a union voting to endorse their union president for some office. And while I recognize it’s a big whoop for everyone else, I actually have to treat it like it means something… which it doesn’t."

Campaign Manager Hal Palmer also added, “We are underwhelmed with the show of support from the community. We condemn all other candidates who get donations from outside the district, like Jamie Herrera, Joe Zarelli and Ed Orcutt, each of which having received tens of thousands of dollars from across the country and way outside the area.

"For example, since we can’t raise any money, we have to attack the front runner by lying about the amount of money she’s received and where she’s received it from. We can only envy the fact that she believes in herself enough to loan herself campaign money while also getting huge $800 checks from Omaha and New York that we can only dream of, since we haven’t received any checks like that from anybody.”

Palmer added, “99.9% of the few donations we’ve received are from right here in the district, and fully 30% are from Barnett's members. It’s unfortunate that we have no momentum of any kind rolling in our direction, because if we did, the people smart enough to donate to Rivers would be donating to us, instead."


Kinda sums up his entire campaign.

No. This is not a press release Barnett’s Winged Monkeys sent out, but it is a parody of their moronic effort of whining and sniveling because they can’t raise money and can only envy the front runner, who can. And, of course, to attack the front runner for doing what the incumbents in those offices do every election is the kind of hypocrisy Barnett is known for.

Part of being a state representative is to be an adult. Clearly, neither Barnett nor the goons surrounding him share that particular attribute. Engaging in the same kind of scum-throwing politics they complain about others allegedly using shows the despicable kind of desperation that Barnett and his supporters are known for. And now the reader knows it as well.

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