Sunday, February 28, 2010

Columbian implements new web site scam: if they don't like your comment, they only, apparently, make it visible to the commenter.

You have to wonder.

I heard that other newspapers were engaging in this scam. Put up a comment they don't like, and poof: it's invisible to anyone but the poster.

Of course that's the kind of scam our rag runs on the people they would serve: no lie they won't tell; no exaggeration they won't do in support of their agenda.

But now, added to that, are the invisible posts.

That way, people who disagree with them (as in, the vast majority in their service area) will continue under the illusion that their comments are still up... and still read by others.

Now, I've heard of this kind of garbage before. It's the scummy kind of thing that a steaming pile of hypocrisy would do.

In this instance, the article in question was Erin Nolan's self-serving swill defending the massive $40,000 FOR ONE DAY wasted on the paid mourners that went up to the police funeral on our dime.

There was pretty good comment about that this morning... and when I emailed the link to a buddy of mine, he gets back to me and tells me that the comment was gone so that he couldn't read it.

So, I look at the article, located here: and it turns out he's right.

But THEN, I look at the title page, and it says there are SEVEN comments there... when there are only six.

The reason? They want the guy who posted it to keep thinking it's there so he will stop beating the hell out of our local and despicable rag for censoring comments they don't happen to like.

Here's what it says on the title page of the website.

more life

But if you actually click on the link, only 6 comments show.

Now... why is that?

The Columbian's dishonesty is legendary. But this takes it to a whole new level.


Kriss said...

OK, so where does freedom of speech enter into the picture? Isn't this unconstitutional? I mean...come on. You don't even need a college degree to figure that one out?

Lew Waters said...

Actually, Kriss, the first amendment only applies to government restricting speech. Just as on blogs, we are not compelled to post all comments.

However, what I read in JaG's words is more along the line of integrity.

The Columbian claims they don't censor comments, but I have had many problems posting comments on the old web sites that even to me seemed a bit controversial.

Since they have converted to the new website, I have noticed some of my comments that usually bring out strong counter comments, lie dormant as if ignored.

I have no idea if they have done it to me.